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At Goldstein Patent Law, we’re on a mission to connect, protect, and educate. We exist to help you protect your valuable idea, with a custom legal strategy. This has driven us for nearly 30 years — making us a national leader in patent law.

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Intellectual property (IP) is intentionally our only focus. Our firm was built with your needs in mind. We exist to help you multiply the value of your ideas. We do this through a simplified process, experienced guidance, boutique-style service, and simple flat-fee pricing structure. From software patents to product trademarks, we have the experience to protect your valuable ideas.

The American Bar Association — the world’s largest organization of lawyers — asked our founder Rich Goldstein to write its consumer guide on obtaining a patent. Notably, this sort of endorsement is reserved for the most qualified experts and based on deep vetting.

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Beyond that, we believe in the importance of respect and integrity. In all we do, our team is committed to being:


We pride ourselves on understanding your needs, and letting that drive our approach. We listen with intention, operate with respect, and deliver what we say we will.

We understand that patent law might be new territory for you. We can help you navigate the world of IP with ease. At every step we’re committed to delivering expert, straightforward guidance.


Your patent is an investment in your business. That’s why we customize your strategy based on your business goals. We consider your patent within the bigger context of what you want to ultimately achieve.

Unlike many other law firms, we bring more than 40 years of business acumen. We understand the entrepreneurial landscape, and how your patent may fit into it.


We back our high-touch, quality service with more than 2,000 patents over the past 25 years.. We’ve helped thousands more avoid unnecessary costs and headaches.

Our track record is proof you can count on us, now and for years to come. When you work with us, you can trust that we’ll protect your idea, and your bottom line.

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