What Is a Fanciful Trademark?


Trademarks have varying levels of strengths depending on the strength of the underlying term used as compared to the goods or services at issue. Fanciful trademarks provide the greatest protection against trademark infringement. So what exactly is a fanciful trademark? What Is A Fanciful Trademark? In general, a fanciful trademark is a trademark with words that are invented solely to function as a trademark and therefore the mark only has meaning when applied to the specific trademark. Trademark logo stickers on a laptop Fanciful Trademark Definition…

How to Trademark a Band Name


A band name can be crucial to the overall success and vitality of a band. If you are part of a band or are looking to form a band, you may be wondering whether or not you should trademark your band name, and if so, how to go about doing it. How To Trademark A Band Name In general, it is typically a good idea to trademark your band name once you are all settled on the specific name. By…

What Is Class 25 in Trademark?

Trademarks can be an important part of any business as intellectual property. Part of that process is understanding what specific industry and “class” your trademark should be classified under, and what picking a specific class may mean for the success of your trademark.

What Is A Class 25 In Trademark?
The trademark class 25 is the class of goods with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that covers apparel and clothing. There are three specific classifications that fall

What Can Be Trademarked?


Are you wondering whether your big idea is entitled to trademark rights? We’re covering what can be trademarked and the importance of obtaining a trademark for these items. What Can Be Trademarked?
There are two basic requirements for something to be trademarked: It must be used in commerce; It must be distinctive. What does this mean from a practical perspective? Symbols, words, phrases, names, images, even colors can be the subject of trademarks.The United States Patent and Trademark Office…

How to Renew a Trademark


Once you have obtained a trademark registration from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you will need to ensure your trademark can be maintained. Ownership of your trademark can be maintained perpetually, as long as you continue to use the trademark and complete the necessary renewal formalities in a timely manner.

Knowing the steps to renewing your trademark and carrying them out can be a vital component for your business. USPTO Trademark Renewal…

How Long Does a Trademark Last?


Trademarks can provide important intellectual property rights for you and your business. Federal registration of trademarks can help to provide you with important rights and protections down the line in any potential legal disputes. But how long do these trademark rights actually last? How Long Does A Trademark Last? A trademark can potentially last indefinitely, however, there are caveats and certain steps must be taken to ensure your trademark rights can continue on. It can be helpful to seek legal…

How to Trademark a Slogan

Slogans have always been a creative and smart way to market to the consumer. Slogans can help to solidify brand awareness to the public and build increased brand recognition. How To Trademark A Slogan If your business has a slogan that is associated with your brand, it can be smart to get a trademark to maintain the best intellectual property rights for it. We’ll explain the application process for properly trademarking a slogan, as well as the types of slogans

How to Trademark a Phrase

One of the best branding techniques for marketing a business, goods, or services is to develop an associated phrase. A phrase well associated with a brand or specific goods can help increase brand recognition and connection with the consumer. How to Trademark a Phrase If you are looking to develop a phrase for your business, or already have one, it can also be very important to register this phrase as a registered trademark. Trademark Application Process For Phrases To trademark your phrase…

How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Phrase?

Using phrases and slogans can be a key business strategy in obtaining and maintaining recognition for your brand, company, or services. If you do use a phrase, you typically will want to file for federal trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

If you are looking to trademark a phrase, including your company’s slogan, it is important to understand how much this endeavor will cost you. How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Phrase? In…

What Happens if You Use a Trademark Without Permission?


Trademark permission provides a business or individual the legal right to use a trademark that is owned by another business or individual. This permission is also referred to as licensing. Though, what happens when someone uses a trademark without permission? Trademark Permissions By providing permission to use a specific trademark, the user receives the benefit of marketing off of the specific trademark and the good will and awareness that may accompany that specific trademark. The trademark owner, in turn…