What Is a Business Exit Plan?

I know one of the less-talked-about aspects of business that you, as a business owner, will likely worry about is business exit. If you’ve built your business up to a point and you’re ready for a new challenge, you would want the business to keep thriving.  Through several years of interacting with business owners, this […]

Legal Considerations for Business Exit Planning

I know that getting to a point where you feel like you want to exit your business can make you feel like you’re at a crossroads. If you’ve not experienced this, you’ll find that a lot is involved. Through years of interacting with business owners in this situation and some who have successfully exited their […]

How to Negotiate Vendor Terms With Amazon

An attorney talking to someone over the phone while looking at the papers

Negotiating vendor terms with Amazon can be a complicated process that needs careful examination of legal provisions, Amazon rules, and effective negotiating tactics. A vendor agreement is a legal contract between a vendor and a retailer that defines the parameters of their commercial relationship.  In the context of Amazon, a vendor agreement oversees a vendor’s […]

Legal Considerations for Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is significant to running a business, especially for family-owned or closely held companies. It entails preparing for the smooth transfer of ownership and management to the next generation or another party to assure the business’s continuity and prosperity. Businesses must consider many legal factors in the United States while drafting succession plans.  […]

Drafting Enforceable Agreements for Private Label Products on Amazon

Drafting enforceable agreements for private label products on Amazon requires a thorough understanding of US contract law and Amazon’s policies. Private label products are those manufactured by a third party yet sold under a retailer’s brand. As an attorney specializing in contract law, I shall guide you through the process of drafting enforceable agreements for […]

What Is a Business Succession Plan?

I know that as a business owner, one major challenge is ensuring your business is still thriving even when you’re no longer at the helm. If possible, you would like for your business to do even better in your absence.  Through several conversations with business owners over the years, this has been a recurring concern […]

How to Write a Cease and Desist Letter as an Amazon Seller

As an Amazon seller navigating the e-commerce space, the journey can sometimes lead to encountering issues with competitors or unauthorized resellers. You will likely experience this sooner or later if you have a thriving brand.  In my various interactions with Amazon sellers, one tool I have found to be effective when combatting this is a […]

How to Comply With Amazon’s Terms of Service and Policies

I know one of the hurdles sellers have to navigate is strictly adhering to Amazon’s terms of service and policies. Non-compliance can result in drastic sanctions.  Through my years working with Amazon sellers, I have continuously recommended familiarizing themselves with these terms and policies. My aim in this article is to detail what these terms […]

How to Monitor and Enforce MAP Policy Violations on Amazon

As an Amazon seller, one of the things you must be on top of are the various policies in place. If you’re just starting out, you will find that not staying informed can result in policy violations with consequences.  Through my years of interacting with and helping Amazon sellers, I have emphasized the need to […]

How to Stop Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon

I know one of the main challenges you face selling in an e-commerce marketplace is unauthorized sellers can undermine brand integrity and dilute product value. This makes them a problem for many brand owners.  For the several years that I’ve consulted with and helped Amazon sellers, I’ve recommended several channels to counter the activities of […]