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Copyright protection will ensure that you keep the exclusive rights to your work. While your work is copyrighted upon creation, registering a copyright provides a public record. This means you are in control of how your work is used and can sue if it’s used without permission.


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Our copyright services include:

  • Literary Works (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Articles, Periodicals)
  • Visual Arts (Artwork, Illustrations, Jewelry, Fabric, Architecture)
  • Performing Arts (Music, Lyrics, Sound Recordings, Scripts, Stage Plays)
  • Motion Pictures (Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Animation, Videos)
  • Photographs (News Photos, Selfies, Wedding Photos, Family Photos)

We also provide copyright services for digital content (computer programs, databases, blogs, and websites).

Please note that our copyright services are currently limited to:

  • Existing clients
  • New clients if bundled with other services

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Have you developed a new software code and are wondering if you can patent an algorithm? This is a common question with developers, as they often want to know if their algorithm can be protected under intellectual property law. Can you patent an algorithm? Unfortunately, algorithms on their own cannot be patented because they are considered an “abstract idea.” however, you can patent the software process underlying your algorithm. Algorithms in today’s information age Artificial intelligence and machine learning developments…

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Patent Vs Copyright

Patents and copyright are two different types of intellectual property law that protect your property rights. Patents and copyrights give the holder different types of rights that they can assert over others. Which one is best for your intellectual property will depend on what you are seeking to protect. Patents Vs. Copyright In general, patents provide legal protections for inventions which contain new ideas so that the holder can keep others from making commercial use of the idea without the

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Developing computer software can be a difficult, time consuming, and lengthy process. After this long road, people often want to protect their software with a patent. But the question arises: can you patent software? Can you patent software? The answer to the question of software’s patentability is the frustrating “it depends.” software algorithms on their own cannot be patented, but the process underlying the software often can be patented. Patents rights A U.S. Patent can be highly covetable as it

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