The food industry is a sophisticated, international network of firms that together produce and supply the bulk of the food that the world’s population consumes. Often described as the “food system,” this industry covers a wide range of food production and distribution services, thus making it a fiercely competitive one.

Acquiring food patents for your business is your best bet at protecting yourself. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to execute. If you want to approach the market without fear that the originality of your food product will be contested, then obtaining patent protection with the assistance of a food patent attorney from Goldstein Patent Law is vital.

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Benefits of Hiring a Food Patent Lawyer

The food industry is responsible for most of the edible items manufactured and distributed all around the planet. The knowledge and expertise of our food patent attorneys will successfully get you patent-protected.

  • Obtain a search for food patents: Because the food industry is a huge marketplace, there is a high chance that someone else’s ideas might be similar to yours. To save you time and effort, our food patent attorney will carry out a search that demonstrates the novelty of your food concept.
  • Take precautionary action: A food patent offers a course of action if a competitor attempts to introduce a concept that infringes on your patent.
  • Have absolute control over your innovations: An experienced attorney will create effective plans for the commercialization of a food patent, thus giving you an enormous competitive advantage.
  • Bring in investors: This can be done by accentuating the impressive value of food patents. Innovations will have a clearer description with the service of a patent attorney and will trigger investors’ interest.

Make your idea useful over the long term, by talking to a food patent attorney

Food Patent Law Services

Original concepts need to be safeguarded from theft because of the intense competition in the food sector. The challenges of obtaining a patent can be evaded with the help of a food patent attorney.

  • Design Patent: The external design and distinctive visual characteristics of your ideas are protected by a design patent. For your idea, our team of patent attorneys can assist you in securing this.
  • Provisional Patent: To lay claim to a new invention for a year before you can apply for an official utility patent, our patent attorneys can assist you in obtaining a provisional patent, which functions as a temporary patent.
  • Utility Patent: You can secure a utility patent that completely shields your original food idea with the help of our food patent attorneys. They can start this procedure by submitting a textual description of the concept, as well as any necessary drawings.
  • International Patent: A worldwide recognized form of protection for your innovative food invention is provided by an international patent.

Use a patent strategy to safeguard your food idea and creation

What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

Our food patent lawyers follow a broken-down process and a flat fee pricing arrangement. Thanks to this, we have been able to acquire over 2,000 patents over the last 30 years, assisting developers like you to protect their prized inventions with a custom legal strategy.

The entire patent application procedure is quite overwhelming. To help you through this procedure and come up with the optimal patent strategy, our attorneys offer their experience.

We are here to ensure that your rights are upheld even after you have obtained a patent. Additionally, we can help advocate your case before the International Trade Commission, and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

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The food industry creates several opportunities for the development of world-class products and distribution models. Our food patent lawyers in New York and New Jersey will help you manage the legal routine of acquiring a patent and being successful in the food industry.