Keeping Patent Attorney Costs Under Control

Rich Goldstein

Founder & Principal Patent Attorney
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It’s no secret… Everybody knows applying for and getting a patent can be costly…

The good news is, you don’t need to spend more than necessary to get a patent. I’ve noticed inefficiencies over the years where people spend more than they need to.

In fact, there are three key factors to keep the costs under control.

  1. Get “Narrow Focused.”

    There are several ways to approach any patent project. You see, there are many types of patents. To identify which is right for you to protect your invention requires clarity.

    When you are not clear on what you want before you start, it leaves room to go down all kinds of rabbit holes that may cost you big bucks in the end.

    Ask yourself, “Why is it important I get a patent?” Knowing the answer to that simple question will help keep your costs more reasonable.

    You want to know where you want your product to go, and what type of competitive edge you want to have. Separate from your business goals, know what you want to get out your patent. Strategy can vary depending on which outcome you want to achieve.

    Once you define your goals, it is critical to make sure your patent attorney understands what they are. Then, be sure your representation focuses narrowly on them. Having them on board will help to ensure their strategy aligns with your needs, wants, and goals.

  1. Do The “Right Research”

    Doing the right research in the beginning will help you figure out if you should pursue a patent in the first place.

    There are some concepts and inventions that are not patentable for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s clear there’s nothing to patent. If that’s the case, the patent part of the project should end right there. Other times it’s not anything you find in the research that creates a dead end for the patent project.

    Doing the research helps us focus our attention on the right parts of the project. You want to focus on the most novel aspects of your invention. Emphasize the most non-obvious parts of your creation when writing your patent application.

    Having the right research done before you start will keep your costs down. It will allow your representation to be more efficient towards the parts of you that are worthy of protection.
  1. Get “Patent Smart”

    Finally, to keep the cost reasonable, get educated about the patent process.

    Understanding the patent process will help you make the right decisions with your patent attorney. Making the right decisions will help keep your cost down. Familiarize yourself with how the patent process works, and how you go about getting a patent.

    Simply understanding the process will save you time, money, and energy.

To help you along the way, I created a short video series to walk you step-by-step through the patent process .

Inside, you will also get several tips to position you for success in getting across your patent finish line.

They are brief, concise, and designed to give you the most important information you need to understand right now.

Click here for instant access. The first video to help you identify which type of patent is right for you and your invention. Plus… You will also learn how to spot whether your invention is patentable in the first place >>

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Join over 10,000 others who have asked us to help protect their ideas.