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Our founder, Rich Goldstein, grew up in an engineering household. He loved looking at his father’s blueprints and outlines while his imagination built skyscrapers and envisioned the future. From a young age, Rich appreciated the magic one creation brings into the world.

When he decided to pursue law, he intentionally focused on patent law. After 30 years, he is a renowned expert in the field. The American Bar Association asked him to write their consumer guide on obtaining a patent. Rich enjoys making complex legal terminology simple. At the end of the day, he has one goal – his customer’s success.

To reach more clients, he welcomed Julian Gonzalez & Thomas Weifan Mon. Together the team focuses on educating their clients on the patent process and protecting their intellectual property. With expertise in mechanical, environmental, and the medical field, the team is confident in making a unique approach per client that best suits their needs.

We have secured over 2,000 patents and have no sign of slowing down. As quickly as our clients create their next big idea, we are ready to secure their intellectual property and save them any hardships.

One Great Idea Can Change The World.

Are you a creative mind that is re-imagining the globe? Have you created a design that will make the lives of thousands easier? Are you someone that values sharing your work but wants to be protected? The life of an inventor is challenging. You have spent years developing an idea but can’t post about it on the internet or even share too many details with friends and family.

We know how long you have nurtured your idea, from one scribble on a napkin to making a blueprint for a prototype. For years it has been trial and error. It’s hard to believe that success is within your reach. Taking the first step to trust our team was courageous, and we’ll make sure to earn your trust at each milestone.

Our team is available to lead you through the intricate patent process and exacting structure of a patent. Just because you’ve created something, doesn’t mean the work is finished. With a finished design you begin to wonder, how do I monetize it, or how will I protect it from duplication? We want you to feel rewarded for all your hard work, and will help you reap the rewards of bringing a new device into the market.

We have helped our clients defend and define their cases to the USPTO. Our system covers you in the patent process from start to finish. We take a hands-on approach and will be extremely transparent and responsive to all your questions.

Where Success And Strategy Mingle.

Currently, we offer our clients more than just a legal team. Each case is a chance for a one-of-a-kind strategy. We’ll ease any confusion and simplify the process, so you feel in control and knowledgeable. We have secured patents in a diverse range of fields including, design, software, and hardware using our trademarked Agile Patenting process.

Our team is ready to answer any questions about trademarks and copyrights. Each task or new term can seem daunting, but we like to take apart the puzzle pieces and rebuild them so you can see the big picture.

Goldstein Patent Law

Let Your Idea Shine Brightly In The Right Hands.

Work with patent attorneys who can help you optimize the value of your intellectual property.
Goldstein Patent Law

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