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Medical device innovations and treatments can save countless lives. However, the development and production can be pretty costly. Having patent protection for a medical device allows medical design companies to invest needed research and development funds into developing patentable technology. The medical technology space is heavily regulated, and patenting a medical device means facing challenges like possible patent validity challenges and unexpected infringement litigation.

With the assistance of a medical devices patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law, you can seek patent protection for an invention while increasing the value of your ideas and reducing the possibility of validity challenges and infringement litigation.

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Benefits of Hiring a Medical Devices Patent Lawyer

The medical devices and technologies field enables you to develop products like surgical instruments, biopsy instruments, tissue remodeling devices, dental implants, imaging systems, prosthetic joints, and other smart devices. Our medical devices patent lawyers offer resources and expertise to guide you through the application process.

  • Receive medical device patent search: Save time and focus better devoted to improving your inventions by letting a medical devices patent attorney conduct a prior art search. Your medical device patent search will locate prior art to shows other similar inventions. This is a vital step in determining whether your invention is new, useful, and non-obvious. This could also be quite useful in steering the process in that your medical device patent attorney will be better informed about which aspects of your invention to focus on.
  • Ensure freedom to operate: A medical device patent lawyer can identify and valuate potential infringement of other patents and assess those patent’s validity to better understanding the risk of infringing the IP of others once the product launches
  • Remove stress for patent filing: Perhaps you’re working on diagnostic equipment, implantable devices, or medical device software. Our patent lawyers use extensive design control and product development cycle knowledge to draft provisional, utility, and design patent applications. Our expertise gives you confidence that we are on the right path and thereby reduces the stress that many inventors and entrepreneurs naturally feel when filing a patent application.
  • Attain exclusive rights for your innovation: A medical device’s patent offers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. However, you need an experienced patent attorney to apply critical thinking, mechanical reasoning, and problem-solving skills to develop the best patent strategies to position your patent filings for eventual commercialization.

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Medical Devices Patent Law Services

Inventors need a patent to maximize global protection and return on investment. Our medical devices patent law firm can help you navigate the limitations and complications of patents.

  • Utility patent: A utility patent covers the invention of new useful technology, machine, product, or process. An expert medical devices patent attorney can file a written description of the inventions, a claim set, drawings, and other relevant documents to begin the examination process.
  • Provisional patent: A patent lawyer can help you filing an application for a provisional patent. This filing acts as a placeholder that establishes priority and protects a new invention from being copied within one year before you officially file a utility patent.
  • Design patent: This type of patent protects your medical device’s exterior design. This protection covers new, original, or ornamental design, including the device’s shape, user interface, compatibility with other devices, and other general feature appearances.

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What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law?

Our medical devices patent lawyer follows a simplified process and a flat-fee pricing structure. This has enabled us to secure over 2,000 patents for the past three decades, helping innovators like you protect valuable ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to obtain a prior art search or submit an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. From startups to well-established companies, we use first-hand knowledge to guide you in developing a patent strategy and going through the patent process.

We maintain and enforce your patent rights even after the processing and issuance of the patent. Likewise, we can help protect trade secrets and develop litigation strategies. Our team can guide cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as advocating for inventors before the International Trade Commission.

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The medical field opens several opportunities to create machines, instruments, and other devices to improve health and quality of life. Our medical devices patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will help you maximize the legal process to your benefit while succeeding in the medical innovation field.

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