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GPL is an excellent law firm. Rich Goldstein almost always calls me back directly to follow up on any questions I may have concerning me legally. He's very personable, has a great sense of humor and knows the heck out of intellectual Patent law. I recommend GPL to handle your discovery and patent application process.
Archie Davidson Avatar
Archie Davidson
New York, NY
Extremely happy with the service provided at this law firm. Mr. Goldstiens book also provided additional knowledge and guidance on top of his professional and very knowledgeable service speaking to him. I have already recommended him to friends that were interested in moving forward in the patent process on their inventions. You can not go wrong using this law firm if your serious of patenting an invention. Highly recommended.
Jian Tam Avatar
Jian Tam
Fort Lee, NJ
Rich Goldstein truly cares and delivers on his promises with skill and finesse. Personally, I say you won't go wrong when you work with Rich and his team. Having spent Hundreds of Thousands on Attorneys in the past 20 years, Rich ranks in the top five best Attorneys I have ever hired.
Chris Curry Avatar
Chris Curry
Ponte Vedra, FL

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