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Our New Jersey Patent Law Firm Services

Our law firms in New Jersey dedicate the skills and resources of patent lawyers and trademark attorneys to see the potential value in your idea’s patent protection.

Whether you plan to open a business in Red Bank or expand your brand in Bergen County, we have a counsel of patent and trademark lawyers who offer evaluation and application assistance to protect your intellectual property. Consequently, we help meet your business goals and leverage the value of your creations.

Our NJ Patent Process and Patent Services

Securing a patent is crucial protection for your big ideas and inventions. However, the patent process can be complex. A patent agent in New Jersey can help you accomplish it with these steps:

  1. Patent Evaluation: Our selection of NJ patent attorneys get to know your concerns, goals, and plans. This enables us to advise when is the best time to begin the patent application process. This also includes a free idea protection planning session and research at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  2. Patent Application: The patent application’s drafting is the next essential step as this sets the line between owning your idea and losing to a competitor. A patent agent from our NJ law firm has the technical knowledge and expertise to write your patent application.

Your assigned attorney-at-law in New Jersey will continue to guide you until a patent examiner finds your registration favorable. Once you pay for issuance fees, the USPTO will grant the patent, giving you the absolute right to exclude other people from using, making, and selling your invention.

Our NJ Trademark Process and Services

A federally registered trademark is one of the best forms to prevent other people from passing off services and goods under your brand name. A trademark application in New Jersey covers the words, designs, and logos associated with your goods and services.

One of our dedicated New Jersey trademark lawyers will conduct an evaluation to determine if your brand name is available for interstate commerce. We will also develop an appropriate trademark and intellectual property strategy for your product launches.

From research to technical writing, our trademark New Jersey attorneys will guide you in every step of the application process for the trademark registration until you receive a certificate to use the ® with your brand name.

Meet Our Team of Patent and Trademark Lawyers in New Jersey

Leading the helm is Rich Goldstein, a patent attorney in New Jersey known for his unique approach to listening and understanding the specific needs of inventors to develop custom-tailored representation.

For over 25 years, Goldstein Patent Law has been working with patent and trademark attorneys to help 2,000 entrepreneurs, startups, and individuals learn how to get a patent in NJ and eventually achieve patent approval to own an idea legally.

We also have a team of expert trademark attorneys who can advise clients in filing and prosecuting applications to register New Jersey trademarks, as well as monitoring trademark infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey IP

What Should I Do During a Post-Registration Audit?

The USPTO conducts a post-registration audit to determine if you’re continuously using the trademark on the goods or services filed in the registration. It will require proof of use, and a trademark lawyer in New Jersey can assist you in submitting current evidence for the goods or services.

Can I Speed Up Design Patent Applications?

Yes, you can work with an NJ patent attorney to file a request for an expedited examination. You also need to submit design drawing requirements, a pre examination search statement, and a filing fee. However; keep in mind that this design application has an average wait time of 14 months.

Can I Reinstate an Expired Patent?

When a patent expires, anyone can use, sell, or recreate your invention without your permission. If the failure to pay maintenance fees is unintentional, a patent lawyer in NJ can help you submit a petition to the USPTO within 2 years of the expiration date.

Testimonials from NJ Investors We Secured Patents and Trademarks

I have been a client of Goldstein Patent Law since the mid 90’s.  With Rich Goldstein as my patent attorney I have received 8 patents and now have 2 patents pending.  Rich goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients, is always available to speak to, and will always be honest with you regarding patentable ideas.  If you are considering applying for a patent I highly recommend Goldstein Patent Law, Rich will work hard to make your patent dreams come true.

-Lou Sardo

I’ve been working with the firm for over a year now and can’t emphasise what a great experience it has been.Not understanding much about the legal process they have gone far and beyond to assist me with everything.Being so satisfied with the service I’m receiving I recommended a friend to the firm, and know she’s using their services. Always very friendly and helpful and willing to go that extra step. So happy I chose Goldstein Patent Law.

  • Dimitrios Dounis


In addition, our patent lawyers have offices across greater New York and New York City.


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