Provisional Patents

Position your invention for a formal patent

A provisional patent application is often seen as a stepping stone toward a utility patent. It establishes priority for your idea and gains patent pending status at a lower cost.

In the United States, patents are under a “first to file” system. This means that patent priority is given to the inventor with the earliest application filing date with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Provisional applications allow you to file with the USPTO without a formal patent claim and thereby reserve your filing date (i.e., your priority date) without having to file the more extensive nonprovisional application at that time. If you still need more time to finalize your invention, a provisional patent can help.

Some of the key benefits of a provisional patent are:

  • It costs about half as much to prepare as a utility patent application
  • It gives you the patent priority perk, as long as you file your full application within 12 months
  • It will help you protect the essence of your idea as your continue to perfect your invention, allowing you to innovate with confidence

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What Is a Provisional Patent?

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