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When it comes to our work, we believe the proof is the patent. These are true stories of the people behind the patents we have secured — and how our work benefited their business.

We are proud to have earned happy clients, and even prouder to spotlight the real-world success we have helped them achieve.

Collectively, these stories reflect our “why.” We are driven to help inventors in real, tangible ways. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your success story.

Patent protection that empowered global sales

“I want people to know that you really went to bat for me when it mattered most. While most of the patents you got for me went through on the first shot, for those that didn’t: you fought hard to get them approved. As a result, my products sell around the world, and generate millions. In my book, you are the best!”

Lou Sardo;
U.S. Patent Numbers:

Lou Sardo Products, Sardo Bus and Coach

Patent help that enabled a new product line

“My first patented invention helped me grow a single product company into a company with an entire line of hair accessories and other beauty products. In the course of enforcing my patent rights against competitors, other intellectual patent attorneys have complimented on how broad my patent application was written.”

Mia Minnelli Kaminski;
U.S. Patent Numbers: 

Mia Minnelli Kaminski, Founder and CEO The Tonytail Company, Inc.

Patent law expertise that provided clear ROI

“Entering any unknown area for a person can be scary and especially an area that involves risk, money and possibly your dreams. You made this transaction to get my product patented very easy and most importantly very comfortable. You can say all of our time and money was spent well. It has been a fun and easy experience with tons of knowledge gained throughout each and every step of obtaining my patent. Thank you so much for walking me through the steps of the patent process. I have and I will keep referring to you clients as I trusted your work and dedication with my company and products. Thank you so much for everything.”

Jesse Nicassio;
U.S. Patent Number:

Jesse Nicassio, Former NFL Football Player, Juke Performance Inc.

Intellectual property protection that stood the test of time

“[Goldstein] took the time to understand my ideas and the application of these ideas… [The firm] successfully submitted and secured five United States Patents and one Trademark and all with the first submission to the United States Patent Office. These Patents still stand today and are unbeatable…”

Steve Ross;
U.S. Patent Numbers:

Steve Ross, STYRO-loc

Success secured by help with patent protection

“After working with you for more than 12 years, I would gladly recommend your firm to anyone considering the patent process. The expertise and professional way you handled and expedited my patent cases has helped me create and protect the success I have today. The skill used in wording my patents has even helped me defend and win a lawsuit…”

Lt. Mike Bishop;
U.S. Patent Numbers:

Lt. Mike Bishop; FDNY (retired),

Patent law knowledge to protect intellectual property

“Richard Goldstein has proven to me his ability to get my ideas patented. He has and will go the distance, striving to bridge the gap between inventor and the USPTO. For my last patent…[Goldstein] assisted the Patent Examiner in understanding the differences between my patent and a prior art resulting in my issued patent. Because he has taken extraordinary steps to help me work with the USPTO, Richard Goldstein would be the first Patent Attorney I would think of and go to when I file my next patent.”

Thomas Grayson;
U.S. Patent Numbers:

Thomas Grayson

Intellectual property protection that safeguarded business

“I know of two instances where other companies were interested in duplicating my product and tried to break my patent, but gave up after their patent attorneys told them it was pointless. I now have my Eyeglass Locator on the market and it’s a dream come true.”

Clarence McCurdy;
U.S. Patent Number:

Clarence McCurdy, Founder and President Eyewear, Inc.

Patent protection that empowered business needs

“Your service, response, and dedication made the filing process easy for me. Both patents you recorded for me seemed to have gone smoothly, and when there was a need, you solved the problem. Thanks to your dedication my patent #6612615, is protected, and my business is growing safely.”

Eldad Dimand;
U.S. Patent Number:

Eldad Dimand, CEO Trilift

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5 star rating I understand there are no guarantees when applying for a patent. In many cases, the Patent Office won't see it... Read More -
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Badboiiy Lurking Shawn
I was convinced to believe this company is real and fast on payment.
You can verify yourself.
Kathrine Lucas is truly Legit.
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