How to Respond to Cease and Desist Letters as an Amazon Seller

Getting a cease and desist letter as an Amazon seller can inspire some fear, especially if it’s your first time. Through several years of helping sellers navigate the various legal hoops of Amazon, one of the more common occurrences is cease and desist letters.  My aim in this article is to first walk you through […]

How to Enforce Amazon Intellectual Property Rights Internationally

While enforcing your intellectual property (IP) rights nationally can be challenging, it could be even tougher internationally. Given that Amazon is a global e-commerce platform, this is critical.  Through my years of helping Amazon sellers, I have reviewed the various tools available to sellers for international IP rights protection and noted some of the most […]

How to Remove Fake Reviews on Amazon

Online marketplaces like Amazon are vital for brands to access global customers in the digital age. However, the proliferation of fake reviews has become a significant problem, eroding customer confidence and increasing competition in the market.  Legally speaking, dealing with fake reviews on Amazon in the US entails navigating several statutes and rules, including those […]

Legal Consequences of Patent Infringement on Amazon

There are various hurdles you would have to surmount as an Amazon seller, and one of these is in the area of patents. In other words, navigating your way through patent laws and requirements. Through my years of helping Amazon sellers, I’ve continuously emphasized the essence of understanding the consequences of infringing on patents on […]

Alternatives to Patents for Protecting Amazon Products

I know that one of the primary challenges Amazon sellers have to deal with is protecting their intellectual property. As such, many turn to patents. However, patents can be costly, and the process time-consuming. Through my years of interacting with Amazon sellers, I’ve helped several explore various other options they can explore for product protection.  […]

Is Dropshipping Illegal on Amazon?

One of the more recent opportunities for starting an online business has been dropshipping. If you’ve heard about it, there’s a good chance you’ve considered doing it on Amazon.  Through my years of reviewing various business models, I found dropshipping is one of the good options that require only minimum capital injection at the start.  […]

What Is an Amazon IP Accelerator?

Man holding a folder of important documents while showing his client his laptop

One challenge you likely face as an Amazon seller is the wait to access Amazon’s brand protection features. Through my years of experience with Amazon and exploring and using the various programs, I’ve learned a great deal about what these can do for you and how to employ them. In this article, I aim to […]

What Does Amazon Consider Copyright Infringement?

As one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world, Amazon is very important for bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world together. To keep the market fair and legal, Amazon has strict rules in place to stop people from breaking copyright laws. If you want to know how Amazon knows more […]

Monitoring Your Brand on Amazon

I know that managing a brand on Amazon is no walk in the park. Whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller or just starting, you must constantly monitor your business to ensure its success and growth.  Through my years of helping Amazon sellers with IP and trademarks-related issues, a poignant part of this has been efficiently […]

How to Use Pictures on Amazon Without Infringing on a Copyright

Understanding how to use photographs while adhering to copyright regulations is crucial for sellers who want to make captivating product listings on Amazon. Pictures are essential since they attract customers’ eyes and help them decide to buy. However, It is critical to adhere to copyright restrictions to prevent legal trouble and maintain an honest and […]