Utility Patent

Protect the functional aspects of your invention

One of the most common patents in the US, utility patents protect inventions and discoveries that are considered new, useful, and non-obvious.

Specifically, utility patents will help you protect the functional aspects of an invention. Utility patents can apply to:

  • Machines, such as a lawnmower or a computer
  • Manufactures, which are goods that are made or manufactured
  • Compositions, such as chemical compounds and mixtures of ingredients
  • Methods, acts, or ways of doing something, usually in relation to a technical or industrial processes or computer software
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The Difference Between Utility and Design Patents

If you have a patent for your new product or invention, you will want to decide whether to bring the invention to market yourself or to license your invention to others. By entering into a licensing agreement, you will be able to earn royalties on your patent while someone else invests the time and resources to manufacture your idea. Patent licenses explained. Because of the intellectual property rights granted to you through your patent, you can transfer or “rent” these…

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What Is a Provisional Patent?

A provisional patent is actually a misnomer because a “provisional patent” does not exist. Rather, you can file a provisional patent application in order to get patent priority for your product or invention.

The provisional patent application won’t be your official patent application that will be the basis to grant you patent approval. Instead, it is a stepping stone that allows you to preserve the “filing date” for your patent while giving you some more time for additional research and

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What Does ‘Patent Pending’ Mean

You’ve probably noticed a lot of products out there that are marked ‘Patent Pending.’ This means that the companies that put those products on the market have decided that it’s fairly safe, after the patent application has been filed, to start producing and selling their idea.

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