When a Patent Isn’t Worth the Paper Its’ Written on…

Rich Goldstein

Founder & Principal Patent Attorney
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Preparing a patent application involves assembling information about your invention. What it is? Why it’s different? What makes it patent-worthy? And so on. 

A typical patent application can be 20, 30, even 40 pages in length. 

The reason for the application is to convince the patent office that your idea is unique, and you should be issued a patent. 

Filing the application is the first official step in the patent process. 

Now here’s where the rubber meets the road… 

All patent applications are NOT created equal. 

You may be granted a patent with a poorly written application. 

But a poorly written application may not protect you. 

A poorly written patent may limit what you can do with your own product. 

A poorly written patent may open the door for a competitor with a smart lawyer to legally take your idea and run with it. 

Speaking as a patent attorney who has advised over 10,000 inventors and obtained over 2000 patents I will go so far as to say… 

A poorly written patent application might get you a patent but… …it probably, won’t be strong enough to stop someone from legally stealing your idea in court and making a fortune, while you get squat. 

Now consider this… 

A kid named Mikael Hed and two friends invented a phone app called Angry Birds. Mikael’s father and two other investors financed the building of the app. 

There’s speculation about what the company is worth today. But in March of 2012, the company turned down a $2.25 billion buyout offer from the Zynga Corporation. 

If the intellectual property that secures the ownership of the Angry Birds phone app was not as strong as tempered steel… 

Other developers would have successfully ripped it off… 

And the developers who built the app, and investors who financed it would have never been able to turn down a $2.25 billion offer for the rights to the app. 

A patent application is only as good as it is well written. 

This is why it’s important to get a competent professional involved early in the patent process. 

You want to make certain your rights are protected, and make sure your patent can stand up to a serious legal challenge.

What This Means to You…

Simply put… 

If you have an idea for a product, a process, an app, a piece of software, a machine, a device, a chemical formula… or ANYTHING that solves a problem, improves efficiency, or makes life better in some measurable way… 

It’s worth taking a serious look and seeing what it takes to protect your idea. 

The first step is a patent evaluation where we do a thorough appraisal as to whether this is a realistic patent to obtain. 

You’ll gain valuable insight about where your idea stands against other patents in the field. 

In addition, you’ll get a real understanding of the odds, so you can proceed with accurate information, not guesses. 

If you watched the videos on the patent process, and believe your idea has merit and can be patented, your next step couldn’t be easier. 

Simply call Jennifer from my office at (718) 701-0700 and schedule a convenient time to chat. 

In just a few minute, you’ll to get your questions answered and find out your best next-step. 

We’re happy to answer your questions. And happy to help any way we can. 

If it turns out you’d like us to help you secure a patent, great. 

But either way, you’ll have answers you need. 

If your idea turns out to be extraordinarily valuable… 

You deserve to have a patent strong enough to protect your rights and hold up to any legal challenge. 

And that’s what the call with Jennifer is all about. To determine where you are. And… 

… to determine your NEXT BEST STEP to protect your intellectual property, so no one can steal your ideas and profit unjustly from your hard work. 

Why not call Jennifer right now at (718) 701-0700

If you’re idea turns out to be genuinely valuable… making this call now may be the most important thing you do from here on out for your business.

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Join over 10,000 others who have asked us to help protect their ideas.