How to Cite a Patent

Man pointing to a particular section of a document to his coworker

Citing a patent might sound challenging, and you’re not alone if you’re unsure where to even begin. I’ve been there too, learning how to successfully navigate the intricacies of patent citations.  In this article, I’ll share my expert experience and guide you through the process on how to cite a patent effectively. How to Cite […]

How to Patent an Invention

Person using a stamp to mark a notebook with the word "patented"

If you have a groundbreaking invention, you’ll need to patent it. However, the world of patenting can be a confusing and daunting one. As a seasoned expert with a track record of securing patents, I am here to guide you.  In this article, I’ll show you how to patent an invention so that you can […]

How to Trademark a Logo

Desktop monitor displaying the trademark application online document while the rest of the table is filled with computer accessories and notes

Securing a trademark for your logo can be a frustrating journey. I should know, as I have helped clients trademark countless logos over the years.  Today, I will guide you through this intricate process. Understanding the challenges you may face, together, we’ll discover how to trademark a logo. Let’s begin your trademarking journey. How to […]

How To Create an Effective Sales Process with Jim Padilla

Jim Padilla, the Founder of Gain The Edge, joins Rich Goldstein in this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast to share his strategies for creating an effective sales process. They discuss how systems help build a sellable business, the challenge of teaching people how to sell, and share tips for driving sales.

How To Leverage Influencer Marketing With Gracey Ryback

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein interviews Gracey Ryback, a content creator and influencer marketing consultant, about how to leverage influencer marketing on Amazon. Gracey explains what an A-list Amazon influencer means, shares tips for working with influencers, and discusses the benefits of attending networking events.

How to Patent a Card Game

Three elderly people playing a card game outdoors

I know how much work goes into developing and implementing an original idea. If you devise an ingenious idea for a card game without finding a way to protect it, you might soon find yourself at the mercy of idea thieves. As someone passionate about protecting my ideas, I have researched over the years some […]

Who Owns Patent Rights: Employer or Inventor?

I know it can be pretty confusing on how to proceed if you’ve recently made a mindblowing discovery while working under a company. There is the issue of figuring out, as employee inventors, who owns the patent rights and whether your employer can claim ownership.  Through my years of dealing with and researching areas including […]

Should I Patent My Idea Before Selling?

Two men in suits looking at a tablet

One of the significant issues with generating a fresh and original idea is understanding how to protect it. If you have generated one or are working on one, there’s a good chance you would deal with this. My goal in this article is to shed light on the importance of patent protection, what to do […]

How to Transfer a Patent

Two people shaking hands

Obtaining a patent can be challenging enough. However, transferring legal complexities and ownership intricacies can make patent transfers even more difficult. Having facilitated numerous successful transfers, I understand the nuances involved in the transfer process. Today, I will guide you on how to transfer a patent and help you smoothly transition ownership. How to Transfer […]

How to Patent a Business Model

Hand with a blue marker circling the word "Business Model" on a whiteboard

Unlocking the potential of a business model is exciting; protecting it, however, can be challenging. I have worked with countless clients who have faced the maze of patenting alone, helping them overcome each hurdle. Join me to find out how to patent a business model. I will guide you through the process, breaking down the […]