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Our New York Patent and Trademark Law Firm Services 

Goldstein Patent Law is one of the best patent law firms in the state of New York that offer a range of patent, trademark, and copyright services to entrepreneurs, startups, small business owners, and individual inventors.

What Your Business Gets from Our IP Law Firms in New York

Obtaining a patent involves complex processes and technicalities. Our competent patent attorneys in the state of New York will provide you with legal expertise in every part of the application process until you finally achieve the patent.

Our New York IP office can give you free idea protection planning sessions, flat rate trademark evaluations, and custom coaching and strategy programs. We have a team of patent and trademark attorneys that will guide you in every step to increase the market share of your idea or invention.

How to Get a Patent in the State of New York

Our New York IP law firm assists clients from all over the state and other parts of the US in the following patent services and trademark strategies:

  • Patent Search and Evaluation: Before you file a patent for your idea, a patent attorney from our New York office will perform a thorough search at the United States Patent Office to determine if an invention already exists.
  • Patent Application: A standard patent application may take about 20 to 40 pages. A patent lawyer from our NY state team can draft your patent application to protect the originality of your creations.
  • Patent Approval: Our team of NY patent lawyers will do the necessary steps to ensure a patent examiner approves your patent. Once granted, you can keep this approval to yourself or sell the license to a company.

How to Get New York State Trademarks

The USPTO has a 4-step process for trademark registration in the state of New York: application, examination, publication, and registration. Our trademark attorney in NY can secure a trademark for the name, symbols, or logos you need to launch your product and prevent authorized use or selling of goods.

To ensure the smooth flow of the trademark process, our trademark lawyer in NY can conduct a clearance search before applying, then provide legal advice to protect you from fraudulent solicitations. 

As your creation goes through the trademark registration process, a trademark attorney from our team would represent you at the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. This also covers responding to legal correspondence from the USPTO.

Meet One of the Leading NY State Patent Attorneys

Rich Goldstein, the founder of Goldstein Patent Law Firm, is a patent and trademark lawyer from New York. He leads our group of New York State attorneys to help clients establish and protect their ideas, inventions, businesses, and brand name.

Since 1994, our expert patent lawyers and trademark attorneys have successfully secured more than 2,000 patents and trademarks. This includes patents in various fields such as software, household devices, medicine, chemicals, processes, electronics, and business methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patent Law Firms and Services in the State of New York

How Can I Maintain a Federal Trademark Registration?

To retain a federal trademark registration, you need to prove you’re actively using the trademark in commerce for the services or goods applied during the registration. The USPTO requires post-registration documents, which our intellectual property lawyers in the state of New York can file on your behalf.

Why Should I File a Provisional Application for Patent?

You should file a provisional application for a patent if you need another year to perfect an invention, secure financial investments, or identify sales potential before filing for a non-provisional patent application. An attorney-at-law in the state of New York can submit your application, illustrations, and other documents requirements by the USPTO.

What Are the Grounds for Rejection of a Trademark? 

An examiner may object to your trademark registration if the mark is descriptive, generic, deceptively misdescriptive, or simply deceptive. However, a trademark attorney from NY can assist you in disputing and putting forward a case to the examiner.


In addition, our patent lawyers have offices across New York City and New Jersey.