The automotive industry has brought a lot of convenience, speed, and satisfaction to the world as we know it, and is one of the most developed and saturated commercial industries. With the ongoing gradual switch from gas-powered engines to electronic engines, there are quite a number of changes going on in the automotive industry.

The development of these vehicles can be very costly, and without a patent, many automotive manufacturers stand the risk of facing validity challenges and infringement litigation.

With the help of an automotive patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law, you can secure patent protection for your innovation in the automotive industry, while pursuing the growth of your ideas and reducing the chances of validity challenges.

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Benefits of Hiring an Automotive Patent Lawyer

The automotive industry might require you to defend the engine, transmission, tires, shape, design, and all other automotive technology that are used in the development of an automobile. Without a patent that covers all of these aspects, your claim to them will be lost. Our automotive patent lawyers have the expertise and can help you reap the following benefits:

  • Attract investors: Our patent lawyers will provide you with a clear illustration of your automobile invention, process, or design and how it can be developed into a product. With this, potential investors can ascertain the value of the idea as intellectual property and invest in it.
  • Receive an automotive patent search: Hiring an automotive patent lawyer to conduct a patent search to locate similar inventions important to prove that your innovation is useful, new, and non-obvious and to dissuade copycats.
  • Own exclusive rights to your invention: An automotive patent would give you full ownership of your technology, and if properly strategized for commercialization, would give you an upper hand in the marketplace.
  • Secure a precautionary measure: An automotive patent protects your innovation in the event that a rival company attempts to steal your idea or develop a product that infringes on yours.

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Automotive Patent Law Services

As a manufacturer, you need global protection and return on investment. Here are some ways through which our automotive patent lawyers can help you navigate the patent filing process to acquire a patent for your innovations:

  • Provisional Patent: Our patent lawyers can assist you in obtaining a provisional patent that establishes authority and protects a new innovation from being copied for a year, while you apply for a full utility patent. Provisional patents are much cheaper than non-provisional patents and have an early filing date
  • Utility Patent: Our automotive patent lawyers can help you to file for a utility patent that covers new technology, machine, product, or process.
  • International Patent: Our automotive patent lawyers can help you file international patent protection, thus giving your innovation region or country-specific protection in the global world
  • Design Patent: Our patent lawyers could file and secure a design patent that protects the design, appearance, and other unique visual qualities of your automobile.

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What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law

Our automotive patent lawyers follow a simplified process and flat fee pricing model. As a result, we have succeeded in securing over 2,000 patents over three decades, thus assisting inventors to protect their valuable innovations.

We are fully aware of the complications that come with filing a patent, which is why our lawyers have the first-hand experience you need to navigate every step of the process.

Our relationship continues even after you have obtained a patent, as we stay close to ensure your rights are protected. We can also help protect trade secrets, develop mitigation strategies and advocate cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

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The automotive industry opens several opportunities in the mechanical and electronic world. Our automotive patent lawyers in New York and New Jersey will help you navigate the legal process and succeed in the automotive industry.