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The biotechnology industry enables innovators to develop and produce groundbreaking products. However, it also comes with problems like the increasing complexity of patent claims, ill-defined intellectual property, and ethical challenges.

By bringing in a biotech patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law, you can end these legal headaches while taking pride in your invention and providing solutions to humanity’s health problems.

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Benefits of Hiring a Biotech Patent Lawyer

The biotechnology industry produces life-saving drugs to improve the health of people. A biotech patent lawyer can help multiply the value of your ideas by securing a patent.

  • Attract investors: A patent lawyer helps provide a clear description of what companies can develop into a product. Thus, investors will base the value of the project or service based on intellectual property.
  • Secure a preventative measure: A biotech patent provides recourse should a competitor attempts to bring technology to the market that infringes on your patent.
  • Recover from expenses: A biotechnology patent protection provides you with a market advantage, whereby the exclusively in the marketplace gives the inventor a ‘jump’ on the competition that may help to recover from research and development costs. Even when the patent protection period expires, you’ll often benefit from the momentum established by the period of exclusivity that leave intact a more established market position than competitors.
  • Receive the most recent information about patents: Rules in patenting new drug development, stem cell research, and genetic inventions constantly change. With a patent lawyer, you’ll have complete guidance about the fast-changing rules of patents.

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Biotech Patent Law Services

Biotechnology plays a crucial role in improving and saving human life. However, patenting life-changing scientific advancement undergoes a highly time-consuming process. Our biotech patent law firm aims to help navigate you across the complications and limitations of patents.

  • Provisional patent: Our patent attorneys can secure a provisional patent for your creation, letting you use the term “patent pending” on a product for a year. Aside from having an early filing date, a provisional patent is significantly cheaper to file than its non-provisional counterpart.
  • Utility patent: With the assistance of a biotechnology patent lawyer, you can get a utility patent to protect your discoveries and inventions that are deemed new, non-obvious, and useful.
  • Design patent: Our team of patent lawyers can prepare and file a design patent to protect your functional creation’s unique visual qualities and ornamental appearance.
  • International patent: Whether you need help filing the Patent Cooperation Treaty application or bypassing the PCT filings, we can guide you in developing a region or country-specific patent protection strategy in the interconnected global economy

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What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law?

Our biotechnology patent attorneys follow a simplified process and a flat-fee pricing structure. This has enabled us to secure over 2,000 patents for the past three decades, helping innovators protect valuable ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We understand that patent law can be an overwhelming area, and it’s our goal to help you navigate the world of intellectual property with ease. At every step of the process, our lawyers draw on relevant technical experience in counseling clients on intellectual property and other relevant matters concerning biotechnology patents.

Our biotech patent lawyers secure and enforce biotechnology patents. Additionally, we can help protect trade secrets and develop litigation strategies. Our team can help manage a case  before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as advocating for inventors before the International Trade Commission.

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The biotech industry opens several opportunities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biomechanical spaces. Our paralegal team and biotech patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will help you overcome the legal process and succeed in the biotechnology field.

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