Board games have been an integral aspect of human and social interactions. They help to foster good communication and enhance cognitive capacities in children, and provide many evenings of fun for adults; making them a gold mine in the gaming industry. As a result of their popularity, problems such as plagiarism disputes and difficulty in protecting intellectual property rights occur frequently in the industry.

By engaging the services of a board game patent attorney from Goldstein Patent Law, you can safely grow your business, or potentially license your board game patent, enjoying exclusivity of your invention and reaping its benefits.

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Benefits of Hiring a Board Game Patent Lawyer

Board games have been used to learn the right social aptitudes such as sharing and problem-solving skills. in children and adults of all ages. They have also been known to improve cognitive abilities, hand-to-eye coordination, and multitasking abilities.

Board game

Protecting a board game with a patent often involves patenting the method of play or making patent claims that establish the functionality of the board itself.

Working with our expert board game patent lawyers will ensure a smooth and fruitful application process as well as boost the quality of your ideas.

  • Knowledge and expertise: Our team of patent lawyers possesses qualifications and experience that allow them to navigate the complex process of obtaining a patent and aid you in strategizing the ideal patent for your board game.
  • Reduce the time period of application: Typically, obtaining a patent can take up to 3-5 years. However, with the aid of our professional attorneys, that will target the appropriate part of the game board to patent and advocate your patent application through the patent process, the application process may be reduced to under 2 years.
  • Legal advice: Our attorneys have experience in recognizing possible encroachment on your ideas and will advise you how to prevent them from being stolen, ensuring you have exclusive rights to your idea.
  • Thorough investigations: A board game patent lawyer can help you conduct proper research to ensure your ideas are unique and patentable.

Board Game Patent Law Services

  • Design Patent: Working with a board game patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law will enable you to obtain a design patent to protect the unique and original pictorial configuration, symbols, and components of your invention.
  • Utility Patent: With the aid of our board game patent lawyers, you can file for a utility patent to safeguard your method of game play, and grant exclusive rights to the process of creation and manner of use.
  • Provisional patent: Our expert lawyers can help you in obtaining a provisional patent which allows you to lay a claim to your invention when you apply for a non-provisional patent. This confers ‘patent pending’ status to your invention, preventing anyone from gaining priority ahead of yours toward obtaining the utility patent.
  • International Patent: If you are looking to file a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, our team can help you in developing a country-specific patenting strategy or international protection strategy for protection of your board game internationally.

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What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

Our board game patent attorneys follow an uncomplicated process and a flat fee pricing system. This has helped us to get over 2,000 patents over the past three decades – including many patents for board games, toys, and sports equipment – helping developers safeguard rare and prized ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We understand patent law can be extremely confusing for entrepreneurs, especially for new developers. Hence, it is our priority to use our experience and expertise in assisting you throughout the entire process of application and acquiring the best patent strategy for your creation.

Our team of expert patent attorneys implements and ensures your patent rights are well looked out for even after the process of acquiring the patent has been completed. Furthermore, we can help preserve trade secrets and develop litigation strategies.

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The board game market creates various opportunities for innovation within designing, marketing, and game development areas. Our board game patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will help you navigate the legal procedure of obtaining a patent smoothly and excel in the gaming enterprise.