Navigating the Patent Application Process: Essential Tips

The process for patent application can seem confusing and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. There are various boxes to check and several pitfalls to avoid, making the process pretty stressful for first-timers. We know exactly what you need, so here are our top tips to successfully navigate the patent application process. Navigating the […]

Business Exit Strategies for Patent-Heavy Companies

Exiting a business is a pretty extensive process; undoubtedly, having patents in the mix can make it even more complicated. Does this mean it’s impossible? No. With the right strategies, things can go smoothly. If you’re currently in this situation, take a look at these business exit strategies for patent-heavy companies.  Business Exit Strategies for […]

How Long Does the Patent Application Process Take? What to Expect

An attorney watching his client signs the paper

“How long does the patent application process take?” – This is a question almost every applicant has before they start the application process. Since approval isn’t instant, it does help to know how long you’ll be waiting before you finally get that patent. In this article, we’ll answer this question in detail. How Long Does […]

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Patent Application

The patent application process on its own can be pretty rigorous. You want to make sure you’re doing everything right and avoiding any mistakes that can either hold up the process or cause your application to be denied. In this article, you’ll find a list of mistakes to avoid in your patent application.   Mistakes to […]

Patent Valuation in Business Exit Planning

In business exit planning, the valuation of intellectual property, particularly patents, holds significant importance. Patents, as legally protected assets that grant exclusive rights to inventors, play a pivotal role in determining the general value of a company during a business exit. As an IP expert, in this blog, I examine the intricacies of patent valuation […]

The Complete Guide to Patent Law

Navigating patent law is a challenge for most inventors. Through years of interacting with inventors, I’ve discovered that an easy to understand, practical, comprehensive guide to patent laws could serve many folks hoping to secure a patent for their inventions. Without further ado, in this article, I present you the complete guide to patent law.  […]

Patent Licensing in Business Exit Planning

Patent licensing plays an important role in business exit planning, especially in the context of intellectual property (IP) assets. When a business owner plans to exit a venture, whether through a sale, merger, or other means, patent licensing can significantly impact the value of the business and its attractiveness to potential buyers or investors. This […]

Managing Patents Post-business Exit

I know that when exiting a business, it’s almost impossible not to wonder what happens to your intellectual property (IP). You certainly do not want to lose out on what you created/acquired.  Through years of interacting with inventors in business over several years, I’ve gotten the rundown on various approaches to take in a situation […]

How to Enforce Amazon Patent Infringement

Amazon is a well-known platform where creativity is encouraged. However, innovation also increases the possibility of patent infringement, which presents serious difficulties for patent holders trying to defend their IP rights. Under US patent law, patent owners can fight infringement on Amazon’s platform and protect their rights. As a seasoned IP attorney, through this article, […]

Understanding the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) as an Amazon Seller

As an Amazon seller, you’re constantly up against people and entities trying to infringe on your intellectual property. This is especially true if your business is doing great.  Through my years of helping Amazon sellers with patent protection consulting, an avenue I’ve constantly explored is the various measures for patent protection available to sellers. My […]