What Does Amazon Consider Copyright Infringement?

As one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world, Amazon is very important for bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world together. To keep the market fair and legal, Amazon has strict rules in place to stop people from breaking copyright laws. If you want to know how Amazon knows more […]

A Guide to Amazon’s Patent Evaluation Express (Apex)

I know that one of the challenges you face as a patent holder is stopping illegal sales of your protected goods, especially on Amazon. If you’re just starting, you will find that it can be extremely tough to pull off.  With my extensive knowledge about Amazon, I’ve examined the various measures the platform has implemented […]

Does Amazon Buy Patents?

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As a global economic powerhouse, the United States boasts a robust patent system that incentivizes inventors and fosters innovation. When it comes to the ever-growing world of technological creation, one of the most important questions is ‘Does  Amazon buy patents?’.  The article tries to explain Amazon’s role as a patent buyer by looking at the […]

How to Handle an Intellectual Property Complaint as an Amazon Seller

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I know that one of the many situations you may find yourself in as an Amazon seller is one where you receive an intellectual property complaint. If you have received an IP complaint as an Amazon seller, you must take it seriously. Through my years of selling on Amazon and dealing with a few complaints, […]

The Role of Brand Registry in Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

I know that as an Amazon seller, one of your most pressing needs is to find an effective way to protect your brand. If you’re only just starting, you’ll find that idea theft is one of the main risks you run as a seller.  Through my years of selling on Amazon, I’ve explored several avenues […]

How to Deal With Chinese Copyright Infringement as an Amazon Seller

I know one of the main challenges you must contend with as an Amazon seller is protecting your unique idea from copyright infringement. If you’re just starting out, you’ll discover that Chinese copyright infringement is one of the major angles to this.  Through my years as a seller on Amazon, I’ve had to deal with […]

How to Value Intellectual Property

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I know that it can be pretty tough valuing intellectual property or IP since there is no standard gauging scale. It is a non-tangible asset, which makes it quite difficult to value.  Through my years of valuing IP, I have discovered several standard ways to get the valuation done and have it accepted.  My goal […]

How to Avoid Patent Infringement as an Amazon Seller

I know that one of the main challenges you may face as an Amazon seller is trying to avoid patent infringement. It can be extra tricky if you’re just starting and don’t know exactly what patent infringement constitutes. Through my years of selling on Amazon, I’ve had to deal with several situations like this, and […]

Amazon Patent Infringement Appeal Process

I know that one of the risks you may face from selling on Amazon is the probability that someone reports you for infringing on their patent. If you just started selling on Amazon, there is a possibility that you will experience this sometime.  Through my years of selling products and having to deal with several […]

How to Remove Copyright Infringement on Amazon

I know that one of the traps you can fall into as an Amazon seller is infringing on a copyright. This is something that can deal a big blow to your business. Through my years of avoiding copyright infringements and dealing with a couple, I’ve learned the ins and outs of navigating this situation.  My […]