What Is the Difference Between a Logo and a Trademark?


Wondering what the difference between a logo and a trademark is? While the two have similarities, and indeed can have some overlap, they are distinct concepts. This is especially true from a legal rights perspective. What is the difference between a logo and a trademark?
A trademark is a distinguishable and recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies specific products or services of a particular source as distinct from others. A logo is a graphic sign, mark, or symbol used…

Amazon’s Neutral Patent Evaluation: What You Need to Know

Imagine you have a brilliant, valuable idea. You pour your energy and resources into a utility patent for your invention — and start selling it on Amazon. Sales take off. But you soon discover there’s a copycat on Amazon offering a product identical to yours. Or worse…

Rich Goldstein Prosper Show 2021


These are some of the most determined entrepreneurs we’ve seen in our 27 years and they are also determined to protect their Intellectual Property. Here’s why…Amazon sellers seek strategic IP guidance to help them know if their products are viable and protectable.They get trademarks to protect their brand which allows them to feel confident when they encounter imposters.And they pursue patents to stake a claim to their unique ideas which…

How to Trademark Your Business Name


If you are taking steps to establish your new business, an important aspect of your business is, of course, the name of the business. Because the name of your business is incredibly important, you no doubt want to obtain as much legal protection of it as possible. How to Trademark Your Business Name An important thing for you to consider is getting trademark protection for your business name. This will ensure the greatest legal protection for your business’s name. A…

When Should I Trademark My Logo?


If you own a business, chances are you have some type of logo representing your business. Are you wondering whether you should get a trademark for this logo and if so, when the best time to get this trademark? When Should I Trademark My Logo? The simple answer to when you should trademark your logo is that you should trademark it as soon as you have confirmed a final design for your logo. Getting the earliest filing date possible can

Can You Patent Software?

Developing computer software can be a difficult, time consuming, and lengthy process. After this long road, people often want to protect their software with a patent. But the question arises: can you patent software? Can you patent software? The answer to the question of software’s patentability is the frustrating “it depends.” software algorithms on their own cannot be patented, but the process underlying the software often can be patented. Patents rights A U.S. Patent can be highly covetable as it