Electronic devices and inventions have improved human lives in diverse ways, ranging from education and communication to security and transportation. It is possible to patent an electronic circuit. Electronic circuits have patentable subject matter under the “machine” category of 35 U.S.C. § 101. These electronic inventions take time and money to develop therefore, it is important to safeguard your ideas and investments to prevent your hard work from being stolen.

Working with an electronic patent attorney from Goldstein Patent Law not only protects your intellectual property rights but also increases the value of your invention by ensuring a monopoly of the market with respect to your invention.

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Benefits of Hiring an Electronic Patent Lawyer

Electronic devices and inventions should be handled by a patent attorney with a strong background such as an electrical engineering degree. Here are some reasons you should consider getting an electronic patent lawyer.

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  • Ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process: Getting a patent can be very challenging and time-consuming. However, with the expertise and knowledge available to our patent attorneys, you are guaranteed a stress-free application process.
  • Give you an edge over the competition: Working with our electronic patent attorneys to protect your intellectual property rights gives you an advantage in the market by increasing the value of your innovation.
  • Protect your interests: Even after you have gotten a patent for your invention, there is still a possibility of infringement by a competitor. Our patent lawyers remain in contact, keeping you updated on your intellectual property rights and status.
  • Ensure the best patent strategy: Our experienced patent attorneys employ both legal and technical skills to draw up the best possible patent strategy to safeguard your ideas and inventions, and acquire valuable IP assets for your business. When appropriate, we can help you acquire multiple patents as you build an IP portfolio.

Electronic Patent Law Services​​

  • Utility Patent: With the aid of our electronic patent lawyers, you can obtain a utility patent to protect the novel technique of how your invention works.
  • Design Patent: Our team of patent attorneys can help you get a design patent as an added safeguard by protecting the unique structural look, design, and parts of your electronic device.
  • International Patent: With the assistance of our patent lawyers, you can submit a Patent Cooperation Treaty application (PCT) to ensure your invention will be recognized in a particular region or internationally.
  • Provisional Patent: Our attorneys can help you file a provisional patent application that confers sole exclusivity on your invention for 12 months while preparing to file a non-provisional patent application. This ensures your idea is protected by bestowing pending patent status while you wait to apply for a utility patent.

What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

Our electronic patent attorneys follow a simple process and a flat fee pricing system. This has enabled us to secure more than 2,000 patents over the last thirty years, helping innovators protect valuable ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We understand that navigating through the process of acquiring a patent can seem like a herculean task. Thus, it is our primary focus to assist you in getting a patent for your invention without stress and unnecessary expenditure. Our team of proficient attorneys ensures that our clients have the best strategies to protect their ideas and are updated on the latest information about electronic patents throughout the process.

Our electronic patent lawyers protect your intellectual property rights during and after the process of getting a patent. Also, we can help safeguard trade secrets and develop litigation strategies. Our team can also oversee a case before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as advise inventors regarding a case before the International Trade Commission.

Grow the value of your invention by getting a patent.

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Electronic inventions and electronic patents exist in a variety of industries, including in the automotive, home products, communication, agricultural, and medical sectors. Our paralegal team and electronic patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will guide you through the patent system and help you achieve IP protection within the electronic industry.