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We build strategies to protect your idea, and empower you to reach your business goals

One “ah-ha” moment can trigger a breakthrough — but truly, this is the first step in bringing a successful innovation to market. Figuring out if and how to protect your bright idea can feel overwhelming.

But patents don’t have to be puzzling. We simplify the process, smoothly guiding you each step of the way — all for a flat fee. 

We tailor your legal strategy based on your business goals. We build a protected foundation for your innovation.

Contact us to learn how investing in patents and trademarks will safeguard your intellectual property and create equity for your business.

“Richard is that rare breed of attorney that brings not just a wealth of experience to bear on all of his projects, but also uncompromising integrity. During my time as his client, he truly made me feel like his own success was dependent upon mine. His patience and service-oriented approach during the patent process were a godsend. Do yourself a favor -- engage Richard and his team for your next intellectual-property-related endeavor.”
“Before I found Goldstein Patent Law it was so tough to get straight answers to simple questions. Other firms seemed less interested in knowing what you needed and more interested in getting a check. It is such an amazing resource to be able to talk to Mr Goldstein and his staff, as I develop my products. He and his staff are Awesome. At this point they are like family and I would never consider going anywhere else. I have referred them to over a dozen people. Anyone who gets to work with these guys is lucky.”


We work with entrepreneurs like you to customize a strategy that protects your valuable idea.

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Your patent is an investment that drives the long-term value of your business. Beyond offering protection, it differentiates you from competitors. It gives you the much-needed leverage that can help your business grow and thrive.

That’s why we blend decades of technical knowledge and business acumen with our legal expertise. We take a holistic view of your goals. Your goals shape the legal strategy we build for you.

In addition to seeing the big picture, we also pay close attention to detail. Often, patent disputes come down to a couple of words. We apply expert precision to your patent, to seek the best protection.

Our tailored approach starts with a patent evaluation. That’s because we first want to know if a patent is available to you. And if so, we want to confirm it will benefit your goals.

To determine this, we do comprehensive research. Our methodologies are designed to uncover both your potential legal hurdles and hidden opportunities. Our primary goal is to ensure the patent we secure will advance your goals.

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In addition to seeing the big picture, we will uncover potential legal hurdles and hidden opportunities.

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"Finally a book that walks you through the patent process in plain English!"

— Frank Kern, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

With over 10,000 patent attorneys in the US, only 1 was asked to write the book on how to obtain a patent.

The American Bar Association (ABA) chose Rich Goldstein for his ability to write iron-clad patents, and explain the process in plain English.

Written for entrepreneurs & innovators, The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is a practical resource to protect your ideas.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions, along with our expert insights.

In the US, a patent is a property right granted by the government. It gives the patentee the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the patented invention in the US for a period of time.

The average time it will take to get a patent is 22-30 months from the date you file your patent application. This time frame will range depending on the type of patent you are seeking and the level of complexity behind your patent.

Read more about the patent process, and how you can help ensure it goes smoothly.

Generally, the typical cost for a patent will range between $1,000 and $20,000. 

This range of thousands of dollars hinges on how much you decide to do yourself, how many claims you want to claim within your patent application, and the extent to which you utilize a patent attorney. Note that the bottom of the range is only possible if you entirely manage the process yourself and only need to pay Patent Office fees.

Read more about patent costs and what factors most determine how much you will spend.

No, you do not need a model or prototype to file for a patent application. But you do need to have enough information to explain your invention to someone who is capable of making it, such as a manufacturer.

That said, prototypes can be very useful. Find out more about how prototypes can benefit your patent process.

“Patent pending” means that you have a patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for your invention.

Read more about what “patent pending” means and how it could impact your idea.

Unfortunately, algorithms on their own cannot be patented because they are considered an “abstract idea.” However, you can patent the software process underlying your algorithm.

Read more about how you can protect the software process behind your valuable idea.

A poor man’s patent is a myth that entails writing a description of your invention and then mailing it to yourself. This postmarked envelope supposedly acts to create the date of your invention as the date this written description was postmarked. This is a false protection with legal foundation. 

Read more about how the “poor man’s patent” myth came to be and what constitutes true legal protection under US patent law. 

While that can vary depending on circumstances surrounding your particular trademark, the whole process typically takes about a year to complete.

Read more about the trademark process and how to position yourself for success.