We are honored to have our founder, Rich Goldstein, inducted into the Billion Dollar Dream 100 in  the Billion Dollar Seller Newsletter. These are the comments posted by Kevin King in the Newsletter:
“Twice a month I announce a new member of the Billion Dollar Dream 100. These are the people you should follow and get to know. They’re announced in no particular order.
“Rich Goldstein is today’s inductee into the Billion Dollar Dream 100.
“You don’t have to be an Amazon seller to have a major impact on people’s lives and businesses. Sometimes just playing Billy Joel song on the Steinway at a castle mastermind outside Paris will do the trick.
“Today’s Dream 100 inductee literally saved Helium 10’s ass when the founders went to sell for tens of millions of dollars in 2019. A problem surfaced during due diligence with their IP threatening the deal. Rich was the golden knight that came to the rescue.
“I think he holds the record for most conferences attended. He plays the long game for his firm, Goldstein Patent Law, knowing that at some point you’re gonna need legit IP help in your business (even if you made the typical mistake of using Fiverr, doing it yourself or a patent agent service in the beginning).
“Rich has become famous for his Barbara Streisand suite parties in Las Vegas during big Amazon (and even non-Amazon) events. The two story suite in the MGM was Streisand’s home during her Vegas residency, and Rich has a connection that lets him snag it for great networking parties with top shelf tequilas and his favorite Morimoto sushi.
“Rich is not your stereotypical lawyer looking to milk you. He is a genuine guy who will go out of his way to help a seller out. There is nobody else I would consider calling in the e-commerce field regarding any IP related (copyright, trademark, patent) issue than Rich.”