Semiconductors are one of the greatest miracles of the technology industry, aiding in the development of computer memory chips and accelerating development in nearly every technological in the late 20th century. Today, the semiconductor industry remains a highly competitive and complicated one, and this can make patents for semiconductors highly profitable. Unfortunately, the process of being granted a semiconductor patent is complex and full of nuances that require skilled navigation.

This is why you need the services of a semiconductor patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law to help you seek patent protection so that you can pursue technological advancements without having to worry about the complexities of establishing protection and maintaining exclusivity over your semiconductor innovations.

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Benefits of Hiring a Semiconductor Patent Lawyer

The semiconductor industry is responsible for the invention of high-performance computing products that make life easier, including smartphones, cameras, and LED based bulbs.. Our semiconductor patent lawyers have the experience and resources you need to successfully get a patent.

  • Receive a semiconductor patent search: The semiconductor industry is a highly populated one and there’s no doubt that there are inventions that are similar to yours. Our semiconductor patent lawyer will conduct a patent search that verify that your idea is new, unique, and original; saving you time and energy in the process.
  • Attract investors: Semiconductor patents can be very valuable and can justify a much higher valuation of the business. Over time, developing a patent portfolio of semiconductor patents can be a significant multiplier in the business valuation. A semiconductor patent lawyer will ensure that your company’s product has clear and proprietary differentiation, increasing the likelihood of investors will be interested in your value proposition.
  • Secure a precautionary measure: A semiconductor patent provides a course of action in the event that a rival company tries to bring in a similar semiconductor product that comes very close to yours, and infringes your patent rights.
  • Own exclusive rights to your invention: A semiconductor patent filed by an experienced attorney is more likely to be properly developed and strategized for commercialization, giving you an advantage in the marketplace.

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Semiconductor Patent Law Services

As a result of the high competition in the semiconductor industry, new inventions need to be protected against theft. Our semiconductor patent law firm helps you successfully navigate the complications of getting a patent.

  • Provisional Patent: Our patent lawyers can help you acquire a provisional patent, which serves as a temporary patent that allows you to lay claim to a new invention for a period of one year until you apply for an official utility patent.
  • Design Patent: A design patent can protect the exterior design and unique visual qualities of your semiconductor. Our team of patent lawyers can help you in filing and securing design patent protection when appropriate.
  • Utility Patent: With the assistance of our semiconductor patent lawyers, you can obtain a utility patent that fully protects your new, non-obvious, and useful invention. They begin this process by filing a written description of the new technology, machine and process, along with drawings that illustrate the same.
  • International Patent: International patent protection ensures that your new invention has region or country-specific protection to safely grow your business. Various strategies can be devised for you, as appropriate for your business model.

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What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

Our semiconductor patent lawyers follow a straightforward process and a flat fee pricing arrangement. We have been able to acquire over 2,000 patents over the last 30 years, assisting developers like you to protect their prized inventions with a custom legal strategy.

The entire process of securing a patent is highly complicated and could be overwhelming to a busy technology leader. This is why our lawyers bring their expertise in to guide you through the process and help you develop the best patent strategy.

The relationship with our valuable clients does not stop when we obtain your patent. Even after you have secured a patent, we are available and in your corner to make sure your rights are maintained.

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The semiconductor industry creates several opportunities for the development of cutting-edge technology and products, ranging from 5G networks to fast-processing computers. Our semiconductor patent lawyers in New York and New Jersey will help you maneuver the legal process for getting a patent and help you succeed in the semiconductor industry.