From mobile phone applications to web development programs, software plays an integral role in the lives of people. Given the continuously evolving industry, investors and technology companies need to protect their ideas to compete in the marketplace. Those companies that do establish their protection with a software patent have a significant advantage in attracting investors as well as acquisition capital.

Software patent attorneys from Goldstein Patent Law can represent you in obtaining protection via patents as well as with other appropriate forms of IP (Intellectual Property). This enables you to focus on innovation and developing game-changing programs and software.

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Benefits of Hiring a Software Patent Lawyer

Software can help make the lives of people more convenient, especially when it provides solutions to complex problems. Such patentable software should be protected, and a software patent lawyer can secure legal protection for your work.

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  • Develop strategies: A software patent lawyer can develop effective strategies to protect your innovative software through a patent.
  • Assert competitive edge: Software patents can stop or delay competition, enabling you to raise capital. Software patents can multiply the value of your company at exit.
  • Get counseling: A software patent attorney can advise you on software-related agreements. This includes development agreements to minimize the risk of infringement claims.
  • Focus on your work: As you continue to develop your idea or invention, you can let software patent lawyers prepare and file patent applications and enforce patent rights at the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

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Our Software Patent Law Services

A patent can maximize global protection for investors and software developers. However, the patent application process can be time-intensive, particularly if the USPTO demands a re-examination. Our software patent law firm can guide you in each step of the way to safeguard your work.

  • Define your software: What is unique about your software? What problems does your invention solve? Our patent attorneys can help you in clearly defining the software’s overall design to get the best protection possible for your invention.
  • Patent research: A patent search before the patent process will help you learn about similar programs and see what makes your invention unique. Software has short innovation cycles, so conducting a patent search can save you time and from investing further if an invention already exists. When you learn that similar software processes or inventions already exist, this will help steer the patent process toward the most innovative parts of your software.
  • Patent application: Software patent applications need you to meet numerous specific technical requirements. Our software attorneys work with you in preparing and filing the patent application and represent you during the rigorous application process and review.
  • Patent litigation: Enforceability is another essential part of the process as it ensures you would benefit from the patent. Our software lawyers can also advise you if you face software patent litigation due to the overly broad patents of another entity.

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What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

Our software patent attorneys create custom legal strategies to protect valuable software ideas, all on a flat-fee basis. This simplified process allows us to represent and secure over 2,000 patents in the past 30 years.

We know the importance of spending time and effort improving your software. This is why our software patent lawyers can ease the burden of obtaining a prior art search or filing an application to the USPTO. Whether you are an individual vendor or a well-established company, we will help you to enforce your patent rights.

We take pride in our patent lawyers who have technical backgrounds in software development. This allows us to counsel clients in diverse fields, including operating systems, imaging processing, and computer networks.

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The software industry opens several opportunities in research and development, retail, and healthcare spaces. Our software patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey can assist you in overcoming the legal process for you to succeed in bringing life-changing software to the world.