Society revolves around constant economic growth, and tool invention, being the essence of modern existence, is significant to its development. Having your tool patent-protected prevents others from trading your invention unless they have your permission to do so through licensing or selling of rights outlined by the claims of the patent.

The assistance of a tool patent lawyer from Goldstein Patent Law makes it easier to seek patent protection for your invention while capitalizing on the value of your ideas and eliminating the prospect of infringement violation suits.

To begin protecting your ideas with tool patenting strategies, consult a qualified patent lawyer.

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Benefits of Hiring a Tool Patent Lawyer

Every day comes with societal problems that need to be solved as they arise. This is why the invention of tools is an important aspect of all industries. A patent lawyer can assist in adding by securing a patent for your invention.

  • Owning exclusive rights: In the marketplace, a patent offers you an edge over competitors. However, an experienced patent lawyer is needed in implementing the best patent strategies to facilitate profits
  • Ensuring no infringements: A patent lawyer identifies and evaluates possible infringements on others’ patents and hands out recourse when a competitor attempts to infringe on your patent.
  • Attracting potential investors: Patent lawyers provide a clear description of what businesses can turn into a product to attract potential investors. So, investors can assess the project’s intellectual value.
  • Obtaining detailed information about patents: Information and rules about tool patents are modified often. Hiring a patent lawyer provides detailed first-hand information about tool patents and rules when patenting as they surface and change.
  • Eliminating stress: Knowing that we are on the right track boosts your confidence and eliminates the stress several inventors experience when filing patent applications. Our patent lawyers utilize extensive design control and product development cycle knowledge to draft provisional, utility, international, and design patent applications.

Achieve long-term value for your business by hiring a tool patent lawyer for groundbreaking strategies.

Tool Patent Law Services

We know how time-consuming and stressful patenting world-class innovations are, and our tool patent law firm aims to guide you through the difficulties of patents

  • Provisional patent: A provisional patent is not only cheaper to file compared to other patents, but also has an early filing date. Our patent lawyers can secure a provisional patent, allowing you to use the term “patent pending” for up to a year on a tool. This affirms priority and protects your new tool invention from being copied.
  • Utility patent: You can get a utility patent to protect your discoveries and innovations that are considered new and useful. Our tool patent lawyer will file a written description of your invention, a claim set, drawings, and other relevant documents for the examination process to begin.
  • Design patent: The design patent protects the external design, functionality of your tool innovation, and other general features. Our patent lawyers can file a design patent to protect your design’s unique visual characteristics.
  • International patent: We develop region-specific patent protection strategies, whether you need help bypassing the PCT filings or filing the Patent Cooperation Treaty application.

Protect your work, ideas, and discoveries with patent strategies.

What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law

Over the past three decades, we have been able to secure more than 2,000 patents for innovators. We do this by following a broken-down process and flat-fee structure, thus protecting valuable ideas with custom legal procedures.

We recognize that patent law can be overpowering and this is why we aim to make sure you have no trouble navigating through the complex world of intellectual property. Our tool patent attorneys will utilize their technical expertise at every stage of the procedure, as well as provide you with valuable advice on matters related to tool patents and intellectual property.

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Tool invention opens opportunities to develop equipment that cut across industries around the world, providing innovative solutions to societal needs. Our team of tool patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will help you simplify the legal process to your advantage while winning in the tool innovation field.