The toy industry has grown remarkably from the Barbie doll days to the recent AI toys of today. Given that the toy industry’s U.S. market ranks at roughly $27 billion, obtaining intellectual property protection for even a relatively small invention can prove to be a profitable move for a toy and game manufacturer.

The rate of legal disputes over ownership, infringement, and theft lawsuits is increasing due to the inadequate protection of intellectual property rights.

Additionally, the toy and game industry is also subject to a myriad of legal and regulatory requirements, from product liability and data privacy to children’s advertising. At Goldstein Patent Law, our team of toy licensing attorneys helps you to face these challenges and maximize the value of your intellectual property.

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Benefits of Hiring a Toy Patent Lawyer

Coming up with winning product ideas is not enough to succeed in the toy and game industry. It is a priority for your company to establish and protect patents, trademarks, and copyrights in order to protect its intellectual property. Having a toy patent attorney on your side takes you a step closer in the right direction to obtain the best protection for your toy and game ideas.

  • Draft a thorough application: Our patent lawyers will assist you in completing your application in a comprehensive manner to prevent rejection by the Patent Office. This is one of the ways by which we help to reduce the time taken to get a patent.
  • Persecution of infringement: It’s the duty of our toy patent attorneys to identify and defend against attacks and encroachment on the intellectual property rights of your invention.
  • Ensure exclusivity: Working with our lawyers to obtain a patent for your novel creation would not only give you a head start over possible competitors but will ensure a legal monopoly in the market. This boosts the value of your invention.

Toy Patent Law Services

  • Design Patent: With the help of our patent attorneys, you can file for a design patent to safeguard the original and aesthetic features, details, and decorations of your toy and game, giving you exclusive rights to production.
  • Utility Patent: A patent lawyer can assist you in getting a utility patent to protect how your unique creation and its intended use.
  • Provisional Patent: Working with our patent attorneys to get a provisional patent for 1 year not only safeguards your toy and game ideas by granting a pending patent status on your innovation at a lower cost but also ensures emphasis on your innovation for a utility patent.
  • International Protection: Our team of competent attorneys will guide you and provide expert advice on creating a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application and developing the best international protection for your invention.

What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law

Our toy patent attorneys follow a straightforward process and a flat fee pricing structure. This has enabled us to secure over 2,000 patents over the past three decades, assisting innovators to protect profitable and rare toy and game ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We are fully aware of the vast range of legal and regulatory issues involved in the process of filing for a toy patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office or carrying out a prior patent search. By making use of both legal and technical expertise, we assist toy and game manufacturers through the patent process and help you decide which patent is best for your innovation and will offer you maximum protection.

Not only do we simplify the process of getting a patent, but we also keep you updated on the status of your intellectual property rights even after the process finished. Additionally, we ensure your trade secrets are highly safeguarded and develop litigation strategies. Furthermore, our team handles client cases that go before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as advocates for inventors before the International Trade Commission.

We apply expert precision to your patent. Find the best protection today.

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The toy industry has grown tremendously with different companies worldwide. Our toy patent attorneys in New York City and New Jersey will assist you to navigate the legal process of obtaining sole ownership of your invention and fulfilling your business goals.