A website consists of web pages connected to a domain address. Codes, design elements, texts, images, and sounds work together to keep it running and functional. While you can’t patent an entire website, website-implemented inventions are eligible for a patent.

However, there’s the possibility of unexpected infringement litigation. With the legal expertise of a website patent attorney from Goldstein Patent Law, you can protect your website assets using a custom strategy for obtaining a patent.

Secure a patent to beat market competition and increase creative value.​

Benefits of Hiring a Website Patent Lawyer​

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A patent can ensure legal protection for corporations, small business owners, and individuals who pour time and effort into building websites. From patent research to litigating a case, you can save time and money by working with a website patent attorney.

  • Build a comprehensive case: To qualify for patent protection, your website’s components should be new, non-obvious, and useful. Our patent lawyers combine knowledge of legal procedures and design technicalities to draft a compelling case file for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Preserve competitive advantage: A website patent ensures your design products or inventions remain distinctive, making them one of a kind in the industry.
  • Boost website value: Developing a website means investing in software developers, encoders, graphic designers, and content managers. A patent prevents copycats from diminishing the value of your team’s creations so you can economically recuperate.
  • Dispute resolutions: There are situations where there are intellectual property disputes or infringement allegations. Our lawyers use critical thinking, mechanical reasoning, and problem-solving skills to argue your case in court to negotiate a settlement.

Let professional lawyers expedite the process of getting a patent.

Our Website Patent Law Services

A patent serves as legal protection to prevent competitors from mimicking the innovative designs of your website. However, the USPTO has a rigorous process for applying for a patent. Our law firm will handle each step to safeguard your rights.

  • Write patent claims: Our lawyers will explain precisely what you want to protect in the patent application. We only use the most up-to-date legal and product development cycle information about website-related patents.
  • Prepare drawings and diagrams: The USPTO requires images of the processes or elements you want to protect. Our legal team can prepare drawings and diagram subjects for a website’s user interface, backend screens, and database. This part also covers each drawing’s detailed descriptions, claims, and abstracts.
  • File the patent application: Our lawyers will finish compiling all the necessary parts of the application for provisional, utility, or design patent. We will then submit it to the USPTO and pay the applicable fees.
  • Respond to a USPTO correspondence: We will represent you or your company as the USPTO reviews the application. Our legal team will also oversee the reinforcement of the patent.

Protect your website ideas and inventions with the best patenting strategy.​

What to Expect From Goldstein Patent Law

It can take months to get a patent or longer if you don’t have an expert website patent lawyer who can speed up patent research, illustrations, and claims.

Whether you have a corporation or joint venture, we will deliver expert, straightforward guidance to obtain a patent. Our highly experienced patent lawyers can draft claims, file the application, and enforce the patent grant to ensure a return on investment.

Securing over 2,000 patents in 30 years, our website patent attorneys continue to simplify the patent process for a flat fee. We service clients from New York to New Jersey and beyond, customizing legal strategies for valuable and profitable designs.

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A website can attract investors, improve your branding, and increase sales. Protecting elements of a website can be a valuable asset and prevent competitors from diminishing its value. Our website patent attorneys can complete the legal process while you focus on growing your business.