What Does Amazon Consider Copyright Infringement?

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As one of the biggest online shopping sites in the world, Amazon is very important for bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world together. To keep the market fair and legal, Amazon has strict rules in place to stop people from breaking copyright laws.

If you want to know how Amazon knows more about copyright violations, you need to look at both their own rules and the laws that apply to everyone, especially US copyright laws. As an Intellectual Property (IP) lawyer,  through this article, I assist you in navigating the complex landscape of copyright infringement on Amazon and what Amazon considers copyright infringement. 

What Does Amazon Consider Copyright Infringement?

Amazon considers copyright infringement to be the unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of copyrighted material without the copyright owner’s explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to, listing counterfeit or unauthorized copies of products, using copyrighted images or text without proper authorization, and violating intellectual property rights

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United States Copyright Laws

Copyright security in the US is controlled by the Copyright Act of 1976. This law gives creators of original works, like books, music, and art, the sole right to protect those works. One of these rights is the exclusive right to copy, share, perform, and show the copyrighted work. Copyright theft is when someone breaks these exclusive rights without the owner of the copyright’s permission.

Copyright Registration

It should be noted that copyright protection is immediately effective upon the production of an original work and does not necessitate registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. The capacity to seek statutory damages and attorney’s costs in the event of infringement are two further legal advantages that may be conferred upon registrants.

A DMCA takedown notification can be filed with the service provider hosting the infringing content by an individual who believes their copyright has been infringed upon.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement in the United States occurs when someone violates the exclusive rights given to the creator or owner of an original work under the Copyright Act of 1976. The rights granted usually encompass the ability to create, distribute, present, and showcase the copyrighted material. Here are a few examples of actions that may be seen as copyright infringement:

  • Unauthorised Reproduction: Reproducing a copyrighted work without the owner’s permission, be it in print or digital format.
  • Unauthorised Distribution: Sharing copies of a copyrighted work, whether through sale, rental, loan, or gifting, without the explicit permission of the copyright owner.
  • Unauthorised Public Display: Sharing someone’s creative work publicly, such as displaying artwork or photographs, without the owner’s permission.
  • Unauthorised creation of derivative works: Exploring new possibilities by crafting derivative works or adaptations from copyrighted material, like creating a film adaptation of a novel, without obtaining proper authorization.
  • Instances of DMCA violations: Participating in activities that go against the DMCA, like finding ways around digital rights management (DRM) safeguards or sharing tools that allow others to do the same.
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What is Copyright Infringement on Amazon?

Amazon is particularly vulnerable to copyright infringement because of the wide variety of creative works that are protected by the site, including books, songs, photographs, and designs. Here, someone takes advantage of someone else’s hard work and makes copies of it without asking for or receiving permission from the original creator, which is a serious crime. 

Policy on Copyright Infringement at Amazon

At Amazon, we are committed to maintaining strict policies against copyright infringement and respecting the intellectual property rights of entities. To maintain compliance, Amazon requires all sellers to follow legal standards and show great respect for the intellectual property rights of others.

Amazon offers a variety of tools and resources to help sellers protect and enforce their intellectual property rights, demonstrating their commitment to supporting sellers in this area.

If you’re a seller who believes that your intellectual property rights have been violated by another seller, you can promptly notify Amazon under their policy framework. With this notification, you can request the removal of any content or products that violate your rights. 

After receiving your report, Amazon carefully reviews it and takes appropriate action to resolve the issue, ensuring that your rights are protected and upheld in the marketplace.

Process of Appeal

On the other hand, if you’re a seller and someone reports that your content or product violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, you have the option to contest this claim by appealing to Amazon. Amazon carefully evaluates your appeal and takes necessary steps to address the issue, ensuring fairness and protecting your rights during the review process.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Fair Use Doctrine?

Copyrighted material can sometimes be used without permission, like for criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. This is called “fair use.” 

Can Copyrighted Material Be Used if Due Credit Is Provided? 

Giving thanks to the person who made something does not mean that you have their permission. It may still be illegal to use copyrighted information without the right permissions.

What Is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and What Does It Have to Do With Breaking Copyright Laws?

The DMCA allows people to deal with copyright violations on digital sites. It has rules about getting rid of infringing information and protecting service providers when they follow certain steps.


To sum up, the United States has taken copyright infringement very seriously, viewing it as an insult to the unique privileges bestowed upon authors and proprietors of creative works. 

Hiring an IP lawyer is a lifesaver for anyone looking to safeguard their IP from theft on sites like Amazon. Such experts can be of great help when it comes to understanding and adhering to platform policies, handling infringement cases.

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