How To Patent Medical Devices In 3 Steps

If you have developed a revolutionary medical device that you believe could change the healthcare industry, it is crucial to protect your invention through a patent. Patents provide legal protection and exclusive rights to your invention, preventing others from using, making, or selling it without your permission. To successfully patent your medical device, you need […]

How to Patent a Hashtag

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Social media has entirely transformed businesses and how they operate and market themselves. It gives them a new, exciting way to connect directly with customers, promote their brand, advertise to specific audiences, and get instant feedback from their markets. Social media has changed how businesses work, and hashtags are vital to social media. If you’ve […]

Difference Between Patent Attorney and IP Lawyer

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Understanding the difference between a patent and an IP lawyer is vital when safeguarding your intellectual property. While their roles often overlap, they possess different areas of expertise. This article aims to demystify these differences, highlighting each professional’s unique responsibilities. What’s the Difference Between a Patent Attorney and an IP Lawyer? Many critical differences between […]

What Is the Difference Between a Logo and a Trademark?


Wondering what the difference between a logo and a trademark is? While the two have similarities, and indeed can have some overlap, they are distinct concepts. This is especially true from a legal rights perspective. What is the difference between a logo and a trademark?
A trademark is a distinguishable and recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies specific products or services of a particular source as distinct from others. A logo is a graphic sign, mark, or symbol used…

What Is a Provisional Patent?


A provisional patent is actually a misnomer because a “provisional patent” does not exist. Rather, you can file a provisional patent application in order to get patent priority for your product or invention.

The provisional patent application won’t be your official patent application that will be the basis to grant you patent approval. Instead, it is a stepping stone that allows you to preserve the “filing date” for your patent while giving you some more time for additional research and

5 Steps for How to Patent an Idea

Wondering how to patent an idea? It is often said that you cannot patent an idea, but you can patent an invention. This statement confuses many people that wonder: do I have an idea or an invention? The truth is most of the time what you consider an idea actually does qualify as invention. What does this mean for you? If your idea has structure to it, then it is more than a simple idea and probably qualifies as an…

How Long Is a US Patent Good for?


Are you wondering how long is a US patent good for? A patent’s term depends on the type of patent, but most patents are good for 20 years. The calculation depends on many factors, including the type of patent, whether regulatory approval is needed, and how long the United States Patent Office takes to approve the patent. The Term of a Patent Depends on the Patent Type How long does a patent last? The first thing to consider is what…

What Is a Patent Citation?


Patent citations can be important as you prepare patent applications to protect your intellectual property or if you are conducting research and want to glean information from patents. What is a patent citation? A patent citation is any document cited by a patent applicant, patent examiner, or third party that relates to the content of a patent application. Truly any publicly available document can form the basis of a patent citation. Here are some typical types of patent citations: Existing…