Is Your Invention Really New?

Picture of Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law

In this episode of Innovations and Breakthroughs, Rich Goldstein gets interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 on the steps an inventor should take before proceeding with a patent application. Together, they discuss the different kinds of research innovators should conduct and the issues inventors should keep in mind when looking to buy an existing patent. Stay tuned.

Innovating at Large Scale for a Big Brand

Picture of Kyle Walker Co-founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer at Foundry

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein is joined by Kyle Walker, the Co-founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer at Foundry, to talk about what it takes to innovate at scale for a large brand. They also discuss the importance of good communication, getting intellectual property protection, and the evolution of private label brands on Amazon. Stay tuned.

The Role Mindset Plays in Business Growth and Expansion

Picture of Stefan Haney Strategic Advisor and CTO at Foundry

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein continues his interview with Stefan Haney, a Founding Partner of Foundry. Stefan talks about the role mindset plays in business growth and expansion and explains how intellectual property has been pivotal in Amazon’s growth. He also talks about the e-commerce marketplace he’s helping to build in Romania and how he evaluates brands for acquisition.

Growing and Managing an Effective Team to Scale a Business

Picture of Austin Clark Owner and CEO of Moxie Pest Control of Arizona

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein is joined by Austin Clark, the Owner and CEO of Moxie Pest Control, to discuss growing and managing an effective team to scale a business. Austin also talks about his transition from sales to entrepreneurship, setting up his business for acquisitions, and how he has been scaling Moxie Pest Control.

Expressing Your Creative Self and Conducting Patent Searches

Picture of David B. Goldstein

In this week’s episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein is joined by his brother David B. Goldstein, a management consultant and author, to discuss the benefits of being creative and developing one’s artistic talents. They also talk about why you should avoid using Google for your patent searches, David’s book and his artwork, and their experience growing up together.

Crafting Optimized Press Releases for Higher Rankings With Norman Farrar, Ceo and Pr Growth Specialist of Prreach

Portrait of Norman Farrar, AKA The Beard Guy

Norman Farrar, AKA The Beard Guy, is a serial entrepreneur who provides online marketing and manages e-commerce solutions for brands. He is the CEO and PR Growth Specialist for prREACH, the world’s first video press release company. He is also the President of HONU Worldwide, AMZ Club, and The Flatworld Network. Norman has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and 20th Century Fox. Since the early 1990s, he has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their…

What Is Class 25 in Trademark?

Trademarks can be an important part of any business as intellectual property. Part of that process is understanding what specific industry and “class” your trademark should be classified under, and what picking a specific class may mean for the success of your trademark.

What Is A Class 25 In Trademark?
The trademark class 25 is the class of goods with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that covers apparel and clothing. There are three specific classifications that fall

How to Trademark a Slogan

Slogans have always been a creative and smart way to market to the consumer. Slogans can help to solidify brand awareness to the public and build increased brand recognition. How To Trademark A Slogan If your business has a slogan that is associated with your brand, it can be smart to get a trademark to maintain the best intellectual property rights for it. We’ll explain the application process for properly trademarking a slogan, as well as the types of slogans