Portrait of Norman Farrar, AKA The Beard Guy

Crafting Optimized Press Releases for Higher Rankings With Norman Farrar, Ceo and Pr Growth Specialist of Prreach

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Norman Farrar, AKA The Beard Guy, is a serial entrepreneur who provides online marketing and manages e-commerce solutions for brands. He is the CEO and PR Growth Specialist for prREACH, the world’s first video press release company. He is also the President of HONU Worldwide, AMZ Club, and The Flatworld Network. 

Norman has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and 20th Century Fox. Since the early 1990s, he has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential. When he’s taking a break from traveling the world speaking at some of the largest e-commerce events or mentoring Amazon sellers, Norman focuses his time on his four (yes, four) businesses.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why Norman decided to start a promotions company and how he has managed to remain competitive in the industry.
  • How Norman leveraged the success of his company based on automation, policies, and having systems in place.
  • How a brand can make use of the perceived value of a product to increase sales volume.
  • Norman explains why some people fail with press releases and shares his best strategies for creating press releases that work.
  • How prREACH’s brand builder strategy helps boost reach of press releases on Google.
  • Norman’s advice to people looking to launch products on Amazon and build a brand.
  • How Norman learnt the importance of protecting intellectual property. 
  • How to get in touch with Norman Farrar.

In this episode…

If executed properly, press releases can play a huge role in the process of launching new products into the market. Some claim that press releases don’t work, but according to Norman Farrar, these people are doing it all wrong.

Businesses that make good use of press releases stand a big chance of ranking higher on Google search results and driving traffic to their products or services. But to do this, businesses need to learn how to optimize their press releases while building trust and authority among their target audience.

Norman Farrar joins Rich Goldstein in this week’s episode to share his best strategies on how to create optimized press releases to rank higher on Google search results. They also talk about the role press releases play in launching new products, why businesses should be willing to use money to grow their brand, and Noman’s advice on intellectual property protection. Stay tuned.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

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