Computers are now part of almost every aspect of human life. Ranging from business and entertainment to transportation and education, even agriculture, it is safe to conclude that computers are here to stay.

The technology and computer industry is a rapidly developing market, and in markets like these, disputes over ownership and infringement on ideas and inventions are not a rare occurrence.

Patenting software-implemented inventions with the help of a computer and software patent attorney from Goldstein Patent Law gives you peace of mind knowing your ideas are in safe hands as you seek patent protection for your software, computer, or mobile invention.

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It is time to patent your software inventions. Work with our patent attorneys to safeguard your ideas.

Benefits of Hiring a Computer Patent Lawyer

It can take a long time to draft a software patent application, and the process can prove costly if it is not done correctly. Our attorneys have a greater chance of getting the USPTO to approve your computer patent or trademark application at the first examination. A law firm with expertise in intellectual property law can assist you with the software patent application process and help you understand the patent laws associated with any computer, software, and mobile app invention.

  • Patent evaluation: Before filing for a computer or software patent, it is essential to know if your idea or invention meets the criteria. Working with our computer patent lawyers would help you to know if a patent is attainable for your device and what requirements you have to meet before qualifying for a patent.
  • Meticulous Research: Our highly qualified patent attorneys carry out detailed research on available records to ensure you are not infringing on any copyright, and we can counsel you on the validity and infringement of software patents.
  • Enhance export opportunities: Getting a patent not only gives your computer design and software invention recognition in the US but also internationally. Thus, increasing the value of your invention and attracting international investors.
  • Establish your business: With the aid of our computer patent attorneys, innovation-based startups and small businesses can establish valuable business partnerships without fear of losing their ideas to large companies.

Computer Patent Law Services

  • Design Patent: Our team of lawyers can assist you in getting a design patent to protect your unique computer design, interface and configurations.
  • Utility Patent: Getting a utility patent with the aid of our attorneys will protect the technical know-how or source code of your innovation.
  • Software Patent: Our team of expert lawyers can aid you in obtaining a software patent to protect your unique computer programs and mobile apps to ensure sole ownership of them.
  • Provisional Patent: Getting a provisional patent is a simpler and cheaper method of protecting your ideas and device for a year while running the process of obtaining a patent.


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What to Expect from Goldstein Patent Law

Our computer patent lawyers follow an easy process and a flat fee pricing structure which has enabled us to secure over 2,000 patents over the last thirty years, helping developers safeguard unique and valued ideas with a custom legal strategy.

We understand how difficult filing a patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office is. Putting our decades of legal and technical experience to use, our highly qualified attorneys can assist both small businesses and well-established firms through the entire process of drawing up ideal patent strategies to protect new ideas.

We establish your patent rights and ensure the intellectual property rights of your invention are secure. Furthermore, we ensure your trade secrets are well protected and help to develop litigation strategies. Our team of lawyers also helps to manage cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, as well as advocating for inventors before the International Trade Commission.

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The manufacturing of computers has created several job opportunities for individuals such as program development, computer research, hardware engineering, etc. Our computer patent lawyers in New York City and New Jersey will assist you in understanding the legal protocol while helping you thrive in the computer manufacturing industry.