The Patent Process

Video Series

A patent is a protected foundation for your innovation. Done properly, it’s also an important investment in your business.

Legally speaking, a patent prevents others from infringing on your invention in the marketplace. But getting a patent can be complicated. That’s why we pride ourselves on smoothly guiding you through this process. In this video series, we’ll outline the entire patent process. We’ll clearly explain how we can help. We’ll also give you some tips that will position you for success in getting across the patent finish line.

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Two Criteria for Patentability | 4.12

Before your idea or invention can be eligible for a patent, it must meet two important criteria. In this second video, in this 6 part series, Rich discusses these criteria and how to determine if a patent is appropriate for you.

The first criteria is your invention must be patentable subject matter. This means it must fall into one of the four criteria established in patent law: be a machine, manufacture, composition of matter, or process. The second criteria is distinctiveness. This means your invention must be unique from anything else that already exists.

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