Picture of Monica Floyd Founder and CEO of True Vision Media Group

Using Media to Empower and Inspire Others

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Monica Floyd is the Founder and CEO of True Vision Media Group, a full-service music, film, and video production company. Through her media company, Monica endeavors to inspire others through the arts and enhance the human experience through visual arts and entertainment.

In addition to being a media executive and producer, Monica is an accomplished leader throughout the entertainment industry. Throughout her career, she’s been a director, producer, manager, writer, comedian, actor, and successful recording artist. She has produced a variety of films including the Netflix popular family film, The App That Stole Christmas, Lucky Girl, 48 Hours to Live, the Spike Lee film, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, and many more. She is a consummate deal maker, visionary, and inspirational leader.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Monica Floyd’s background in engineering and technology
  • How Monica got to work in the automotive industry and what she learned from the experience
  • Monica’s transition to the arts and why she founded True Vision Media Group
  • How Monica’s spiritual background influenced her, and how she  empowers and inspires people through her skills
  • The projects Monica is currently working on — and why she loves the Trial to Triumphs room on Clubhouse
  • How to get in touch with Monica Floyd

In this episode…

Monica Floyd’s background in engineering, technology, the automotive industry, and the arts has helped her live the life she had always dreamed of. While doing comedy, she realized that many of her colleagues needed help getting better deals for their work. She jumped in to help them negotiate what they wanted and deserved — and in the process, she realized that empowering others was her true passion all along.

Monica believes that when you live in service to others and help them on their path to achieve their dreams, she is also actualized. She loves meeting a person where they are and empowering, inspiring, and uplifting them to the next level of their careers.

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein is joined by Monica Floyd, the Founder and CEO of True Vision Media Group, to talk about using media to empower and inspire others. Monica explains how her spiritual and entrepreneurial background influenced her, explains her reasons for starting True Vision Media Group, and shares some of the projects she is currently working on.

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