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Why Companies Should Have Strong and Defensible Patents With Roland Frasier of Digitalmarketer.com

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Roland Frasier is a Principal in DigitalMarketer.com and the co-creator and CEO of War Room Mastermind where hundreds of smart entrepreneurs share their best ideas. These companies turn to Roland for advice on how to leverage, grow, and scale their businesses, as well as how to exit with big numbers.

Roland Frasier has grown 23 companies to between 7 and 9 figures in sales. He is the host of the Business Lunch Podcast where he has interviews and features people like Daymond John, Sara Blakely, and William Shatner.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Roland Frasier his career background and how he got into real estate and flipping companies  
  • Roland talks about intellectual property (IP) and the role it plays in the buying and selling of his businesses
  • Why customer list is often overlooked and neglected in IP and why this needs to change
  • Roland shares why his son’s company rebranded due to IP issues and how he helps clients on resolve IP dispute cases 
  • Why it’s important for companies to have strong and defensible patents
  • How businesses should behave when markets and the economy change and why they value of continuous professional advice
  • When is it time to pivot to something else and innovate your business?
  • How innovators can continue getting a continuous stream of revenue from  existing patents and licenses

In this episode…

If you are an inventor and in the process of getting a patent for your idea, one thing you need to ensure is that your underlying claim is strong enough to not only warrant the issuance of a patent, but that it also has enough foundation to defend your patent. This same rule of thumb applies with other intellectual property cases because it’s so much better to invest upfront on patenting your idea and making sure it gets validated and patented than for all of your hard work and resources to go down the drain.

Learn more about it in this episode of In Your Face podcast where Rich Goldstein talks to Roland Frasier about the reasons why companies should have strong and defensible patents, the repercussions of intellectual property (IP) infringement, why businesses should be able to pivot as the markets and economy change, and how inventors can continue getting a continuous stream of revenue from their existing patents and licenses. Stay tuned.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor for this episode…

This episode is brought to you by Goldstein Patent Law, a firm that helps protect inventors’ ideas and products. They have advised and obtained patents for thousands of companies over the past 25 years. So if you’re a company that has a software, product, or design you want protected, you can go to https://goldsteinpatentlaw.com/. They have amazing free resources for learning more about the patent process. 

You can email their team at welcome@goldsteinpc.com to explore if it’s a match to work together. Rich Goldstein has also written a book for the American Bar Association that explains in plain English how patents work, which is called ‘The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent.’

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