How to Draft Patent Claims for an Invention [VIDEO]

Rich Goldstein

Founder & Principal Patent Attorney

When it comes to patents and patent protection, it is well known that the ‘patent claims’ section is both critical to establishing a strong patent and difficult to write correctly. The reality is, you’re probably not going to draft your own.  

However, I’d bet you’d like to know…

“What separates a good patent from a bad patent?”

At the end of every patent there is a section that establishes the scope of the patent. This is what separates a strong and valuable patent from a weak and valueless patent. It is known as the patent claims section

In this video, I’ll walk you through the claims section of a strong patent I secured for a client. The patent is for an eyeglass locator system. 

The way the first part of the claims section was written made it stronger than 95% of the patents out there… And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll show you what we did to make it even stronger.

The way the invention works is simple…

How To Draft Patent Claims Eye Glass LocatorPatent
Image from eyeglass locator system patent.

If you have ever lost your glasses, this invention helps you find them quickly. 

The invention is a pair of eyeglasses with a transmitter. 

When you hit a button on a second transmitter (on your keychain, perhaps), a sound is emitted from your eyeglasses to help you find them. 

The receiver itself is located inside the earpieces of the eyeglass.  

In the video above I take you into the claims section of the patent to show you exactly how it works to protect the invention.

In the end, you’ll know this invention is protected by a broad, complete, independent claim.

When a claim is broad, it means the patent covers a lot. Broad claims are not that common. When it comes to patent claims like this, shorter is better.  

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Join over 10,000 others who have asked us to help protect their ideas.