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Using Media To Share Your Message With Angel Tuccy

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Angel Tuccy is an award-winning speaker, radio host, TV producer, PR media specialist, and a 15-time best selling author. With her help, clients have been featured in thousands of major media publications, podcasts, magazines, and stages. Angel’s top selling book, Get Discovered, is the how-to example for creating media, drawing from over 2,500 broadcasts and interviewing over 5,000 guests. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Angel Tuccy talks about the importance of appearing in multiple media platforms
  • How to leverage public relations (PR) in unique ways
  • The evolution of PR
  • What small companies can do to increase their exposure
  • How Angel supports her clients with PR
  • Why media exposure leads to getting discovered by new clients

In this episode…

Have you invested in a media marketing strategy? Can media be used to create and nurture great relationships with your target audience?

As an entrepreneur, it’s helpful to be proactive in sharing your message across various media platforms. This not only increases your visibility but also boosts brand awareness and elevates your credibility. Public relations is a great engine for sharing your expertise and getting discovered by potential clients.

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein is joined by Angel Tuccy, a PR media specialist, to talk about the power of media exposure. They also discuss the evolution of PR, Angel’s formula, and the importance of leveraging multiple media platforms.

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Intro (00:09):
Welcome to Innovations and Breakthroughs with your host Rich Goldstein, talking about the evolutionary, the revolutionary, the inspiration and the perspiration, and those aha moments that change everything. And now here’s your host, Rich Goldstein.

Rich (00:33):
Rich Goldstein here, host of the Innovations and Breakthroughs podcast, where I feature top leaders in the path they took to create change. Past guests include Joe Polish, Roland Fraser, and Mike Calhoun. This episode is brought to you by my company, Goldstein Patent Law, where we help you to protect your ideas and products. We’ve advised and obtained patents for thousands of companies over the past 28 years. So if your company that has software or product or designed you unprotected, go to goldstein patent where there are amazing free resources for learning about the patent process. And you could email my team welcome goldstein to explore if it’s a match to work together. You could also check out the book I wrote for the American Bar Association that explains in plain English how patents work. It’s called the ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent I have with me here today. Angel Tuccy. Angel is an award-winning speaker, radio host, TV producer, PR media specialist, and a 15 time bestselling author with our help how clients have been featured in thousands of major media, publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines, and stages. Her top selling book Get Discovered is the how-to example for creating media exposure that she learned from hosting over 2,500 broadcasts and interviewing over 5,000 guests. Her clients call her the Media Matchmaker. It’s my pleasure to welcome here today, Angel Tuccy. Welcome Angel.

Angel (01:55):
Richard, it’s so good to be here with you today. Thank you for the introduction.

Rich (01:58):
Absolutely. My pleasure. So media, media is so important, and, um, and we were talking before about the importance of multichannel. So like for myself, I find that a lot of the clients that work with me, it, it’s not after seeing me in one particular place or visiting my website, it’s after, you know, um, seeing me, uh, at an event, speaking on stage, then maybe listening to one of my podcasts, seeing me on someone else’s podcast, uh, and maybe through some other media. But it, it’s usually the, I’ve seen you everywhere that seems to work, um, in, in creating, um, in creating that new client. Um, so, so let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about the importance of media.

Angel (02:40):
Oh, absolutely. I, I find the same thing to be true, Richard. If they’ve seen me more than once, they’ve seen me in different areas or on different platforms, they are more likely to do business with me. We’ve el, you know, we’ve created a, that brand recognition and we’ve elevated our trust in the marketplace. And this is one of those things, like we were talking about, even Oprah, everybody’s heard of Oprah. Oprah is a shining example of leveraging all the media platforms. She is everywhere, radio, televisions, magazines, stages. She speaks everywhere. And yet, when you think about her exposure in her visibility, uh, on, like, for example, one of her most watched episodes was her interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 17 million people watched that episode. And yet when you look online at some of these YouTubers and these influencers, and the number of views that they have, the number of subscribers they have absolutely trumps the visibility.

Angel (03:41):
For example, I don’t know if you know a gentleman, if you’ve ever heard of a gentleman named Mark Rober, he’s a, he’s a YouTuber, he’s a NASA scientist. My husband follows him. He had done a video not too long ago, and within two days, that video had over 25 million views blowing, right? This 17 million watched, you know, episode that Oprah had done. But most people haven’t heard of Mark Rober. He’s a single platformer, right? He’s only on YouTube. And so when we think about the power of media exposure and, and leveraging media and visibility, it is, the, the secret sauce is, is multiple platforms, people seeing you everywhere. I read a book not too long ago that said, for true loyalty and fandom to take place and to become oversubscribed, where people are flocking to you, they need to see you in multiple places because they’re building, like you said, podcasting is a great way to build relationships if they see you in more than one place.

Angel (04:43):
So, for example, if you work with somebody, you have a certain relationship, but if you see them outside of work and you, you know, go to things together and you do things together, you have a stronger relationship with them. The same is true for marketing. If a consumer sees you on radio and or here’s your own radio, here’s you in a podcast, sees you in a magazine, sees, watches you on social media, binge watches your content, binge reads your, your content. Now they’ve seen you in multiple places that, that willingness to trust you with their, their dollars, it absolutely increases and exceeds. So I imagine for people who have some innovative software or idea or something creative that they need to be protected, if they’ve seen Goldstein Patent Law in multiple places, and then somebody recommends ’em, or they hear you speak or they grab your podcast, they’re like, okay, yes, I’m calling them. Right? Yeah, absolutely. Because you’re everywhere. Does that make sense?

Rich (05:41):
Oh, yeah. No, absolutely. And, um, so I, I mean, I, I guess it, it’s clear that, that the, the media is a powerful tool for getting a message out there. And, um, I think sometimes the media discovers, um, discover someone, right? Sometimes they, uh, you know, they are hunting for a story and they find you. But then, um, pr as I see it is the way to be more proactive about it. It’s the way for you to get their attention for the message you want to get out there. So, so tell me how, how does, how does it work with pr? What’s the, um,

Angel (06:17):
You were right, right? Being, you know, being discovered, it’s a very passive, you’ve done something innovative, remarkable, right? Where somebody discovers it, they’ve heard about it, and now they wanna to share that with their audience, you know, feature on TV or in radio. But really, as an organization, we do need to be far more proactive about putting our message in front of journalists, in front of talk show hosts, you know, people who have that magazine, you know, audience and TV audience. And, and so leveraging my, I have a little formula that we teach our clients, and that is two plus one, two interviews a week, or two media features a week plus one press release a month puts you and gives you exposure in front of 100 new audiences every year. And think about this, like we are out there as organizations every single day trying to boost up our visibility, right?

Angel (07:13):
We’re pushing things out on social media. We’re maybe we’re speaking, maybe we’re attending trade shows, you know, conferences where our ideal client is congregating and we’re spending hours and hours. And most of that’s really building that one-on-one relationship. And relationships are incredibly valuable. But if you are going to create a million dollar business, a scalable business, you have to leverage the, the one to many audience, one to media in two interviews a week, or two stages or two magazine features on leveraging what I call other people’s audiences, right in front of. So for example, I am in front of your audience this week, um, if you are on somebody else’s podcast, you are on. So even if you have your own podcast, you wanna leverage other people’s podcasts in other people’s stages. That gives you two, you know, 100 puts you in front of a hundred fresh new audiences.

Angel (08:08):
And then leveraging a press release, which is the language of journalism, putting your story, sending your story to the media so that they are aware of what it is that you’re doing by sending them one every month. You’re building that relationship with somebody who has the opportunity to put you in front of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. And it’s, um, something that is completely overlooked by the small business. But large companies, Hollywood recognizes this. They’re leveraging it. And so we’re creating, you know, we’re leveling the, the playing field and making it available for every small business organization and personal brand to have that same visibility now.

Rich (08:50):
Awesome. Um, and h how has PR changed? So, um, you know, uh, it’s PR has been a staple for large corporations for a very long time. They have PR departments, it’s just, it’s just assumed that there will be a PR department, right? But, um, smaller organizations, um, can use PR as well. But how have things shifted and, uh, and kind of what are the things that a smaller organization ought to do with regard to PR these days?

Angel (09:20):
It has shifted a lot, Richard, and, you know, good and bad. And so some things are still very much done the same way they’ve always been done. Like I said, a press release is, you know, how we connect with media. They still, they’re still very old school, but it’s far more, there’s far more opportunity than there’s ever been. It used to be the only way to get your story out into the news was to be in the newspaper or the morning or, and evening news. Like your, your options were so limited and people had to wait. Whereas now it’s all on demand. The use of technology online in the virtual world in, and everybody, you know, is, is a PR or a media host these days, right? It’s, everybody runs a podcast, they have a stage, um, they’re creating news with their blogs. Like everybody is a, is really a, a media generator.

Angel (10:17):
And, and so the access to getting your message out into even more platforms is bigger than it’s ever been before, and it only continues to grow every single day. And, and so, I mean, it used to be a, B, C B C, cbs, like the traditional media logos, but now we have Roku and Amazon and iTunes, and Firefox and Chromecast, all these networks that are out there, and they’re, they’re, they’re desperate for content. They’re desperate for stories, for human interest stories, what’s going on in the marketplace. And every single day there are organizations and small businesses that are doing amazing things, creating incredible impact in their communities, breakthroughs for their clients. They’re starting new, new programs. They’re hosting new classes, they’re supporting nonprofits, they’re doing all these amazing things. So here we have this conundrum. We have every single day there are journalists and content providers who are looking for content, hundreds of thousands of media opportunities.

Angel (11:19):
And on the other side of the equation, we have organizations and businesses that are saying, I, I’m not getting enough exposure. I wish my business was growing. It’s not growing fast enough. Well, how can that be? There’s so much opportunity for exposure, and yet the small business owner is still out there crying. Notice me, please somebody pay attention to me. So how do, what’s the bridge? And that’s where I come in as that media matchmaker. Um, we’ve created a whole new program on how to do your own pr. We have a Facebook group, Richard, that we’ve started that is matching, you know, bringing, kind of bringing that bridge, I call it my Media matchmaker site. And it’s the best online group for finding guests and getting booked because this, the, the market has shifted. And so if we can pull it back, right, every single week, just two interviews a week, and one press release a month gives you exposure in front of a hundred different audiences, thousands of media, news, desks, and journalists, you will be seen everywhere.

Angel (12:20):
You will leverage all the different media platforms that there are. And it, and, and I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this or if you’re familiar with this concept, but it’s exposure and then revenue, right? Once we have the exposure, the revenue follows. Like you right? They see you everywhere. You don’t have to convince them to hire you. You don’t have to convince them that you’re valuable. You don’t have to convince them like they come to you because they’ve seen you everywhere. You’ve created the exposure, you’ve created the visibility. And once you do that, once you have the followers in the audience, then the revenue, the revenue flows much easier.

Rich (12:54):
Yeah. I mean, I’ve heard Grand Cardone say, he’s like, money follows attention <laugh>. Yes.

Angel (13:00):
Yes. So if you create,

Rich (13:02):
Where’s My Money? <laugh>?

Angel (13:03):
Yeah. The first, the, you know, your

Rich (13:04):
First Grand Cardone

Angel (13:06):
Right of business is to go and create attention, go and create followers, build your audience up. Mm-hmm. Once you have that, then it’s, it’s about sales and, and providing value to them. But, but the, the audience comes first, right? And if you don’t have people following you, then you won’t have people buying from you.

Rich (13:25):
Yep. Absolutely. And, uh, and I guess it’s a matter of, uh, if you are, um, well, well, I mean, these days there are a lot more possible people that can get you exposure. In the past it was just a few major networks, some major newspaper outlets or major publishing companies, uh, these days that there are everyone from the big media outlets to influencers who, who have met followers and are interested in content and interested in content. So it’s a matter of, of, of, um, connecting with them. And, um, it sounds like, um, you know, the reason people don’t connect with them is they don’t take action. And that action could be in the form of, of having, you know, having you work with them directly to get that attention, uh, to take the steps to reach the people that are interested in the message about them, craft a message, and, and, uh, reach the people that are interested in the message. And could also take the form of just giving them the confidence to do those steps themselves, which I guess would come through some of the online programs that you’ve created, the digital programs you’ve created, to, to help them to understand, um, what they can do and give them some actionable steps to take.

Angel (14:46):
We have, right there are, you know, having that message, knowing what to send, where to send it, who to send it to, what that looks like. And Richard, we’ve created a lot of free opportunities, um, free resources for people to just, to get started, get your foot in the door, open the door, figure out what your message is, where to find the right contact or the right, um, journalist who have the audience that you wanna speak on. And we have, I have a really easy, like, simple little hack that just to get started to find out are there even media opportunities covering your topic, you know, looking for guests of your expertise. And, and it’s, it’s a simple Google hack if you do a Google search. Um, so I’m just gonna do a quick little Google search on patent law. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, cuz that’s your expertise, right?

Angel (15:41):
Right. Um, not patent lawyer. I want patent law. And when you go into Google and you do a search for something, it gives you the opportunity to filter out between images and videos, books, shopping. It also gives you a sub filter of news. So right under the Google search, right? It says all, you know, might say Books, shopping, images, maps, right? There’s one that says news. And when I click on news under the search term of patent law, 9.8 million results show up. That’s media opportunities. Those are online publications, those are news stories. Those are, um, they, they’re also press releases. Um, I see one, um, that is a press release, but Stanford Law School, um, a, a website called Lexology Law 360, um, I don’t know, JD Supra IP watchdog, health Leaders, um, I mean, we could go on and on. And if we were to click through these, right, we can see Yahoo Finance, national Law Review, Bloomberg Law News, would it be valuable, right?

Angel (16:51):
For them to feature you, quote, you have a link back to your, like a quote from you and then a link back to you and your website, right? In these articles. So every single day, right? If just once a week you went through here and found the journalist, like click through and found the journalist and built relationship with that journalist by sending him your mo him or her, your most current press release, and we did that every single month, now you become a trusted and resource for them. So we’ve put together a, a full year of headlines, a f you know, how to do this and how to filter through this, what to send to them, where to send it, how often to send it to them, all for free resources to get you started. And we have this, this, um, amazing online Facebook group if you’re to connect you and to play Media Matchmaker, and that’s free also, Richard.

Angel (17:46):
So these are some of the things that we do to give back, um, to the community and just let you know, like there’s exposure is not the problem, right? Like it, after this, like, I, I, I traveled as a speaker for four years, traveled around the country speaking at small business expos and the, the, the rooms and the workshops that always had overflowing number of people in the rooms always had to do with marketing people. And if you were to ask that small business, what’s the number one thing you struggle with? It was always, I need more customers. We’re not making enough money. We don’t have enough customers. Exposure solves that problem, right? You can create unlimited exposure leveraging this two plus one formula, right? Two interviews a week, a hundred audiences. There’s some backend pieces about your call to action and how you monetize that.

Angel (18:39):
And we do teach that in our how to do your own PR masterclass, but to get the exposure. It’s out there every single day. People like you, they’re looking for guests to interview, journalists are looking for people to quote, they’re looking for stories. And if we can bridge that gap between the, the small business and the organization saying, I just wish I had more people who noticed me, watched my videos, you know, watched my podcast, bought my books, downloaded, you know, went to my website. Cuz once they’re in my castle, I know that I can qualify them and turn that into a paying client. I just need to get them into my castle. And that’s what we provide at Media Mastery.

Rich (19:22):
Awesome. Um, and, um, it, it’s interesting, uh, um, you had me think of, of something in particular with regard to marketing too. And what’s possible through PR is that sometimes in marketing we look at the different levels of customer awareness. Like there are people that know that they’ve got a problem, but they don’t necessarily know what the solution is. Um, there are people that know what the solution is, but they don’t necessarily know who provides those solutions, right? So there’s, there’s like problem aware, solution aware, um, and, um, provider aware. So a lot of marketing focuses on provider awareness, people who already know, let’s say that they want a patent, but, um, and, and they know that they want a, um, this, that the solution is to hire a law firm to help them with the patent, but they don’t necessarily know of us, right?

Rich (20:16):
Um, and so now they’re shopping for a law firm, and it’s not necessarily easy to get across to them that we’re the ones that they should be working with. But then there are other people that aren’t even aware of the solution of hiring a patent law firm. Um, if you’re interfacing with journalists that are, um, um, writing articles that are of interest to the people that are, um, problem aware, but not solution aware, then all of a sudden you are getting exposed to an, an audience that now knows you and wasn’t even looking for other providers yet.

Angel (20:53):
So, you know, have you ever, have you ever put on a put on a jacket or, and, you know, put your hand in the pocket and found money that you didn’t know is there, right? Right. It’s so if you, I mean, this is what getting discovered. This is where being a guest on other people’s platforms and being featured in magazines and in news stations, because even if they’re not yet looking, they’re not even sure, but all of a sudden they discover you, right? And they’re reading about you, they’re hearing about you, and then they’re like, oh my gosh, I forgot I had this really great idea kind of tucked in the back. I put it away, oh, maybe I’ll bring that out. Maybe I’ll give that guy a call. It’s like, they’ve, you know, found money, right? I wasn’t out looking for you. I wasn’t actively looking for a patent lawyer, but hearing about you, hearing your story, reading something a about that might trigger on my subconscious to recall, that’s, you know what?

Angel (21:44):
I do have this idea that I just kind of put on the back burner because I wasn’t sure right about where to go, or my brother-in-law, or I just met somebody at a cocktail party and they were talking about not knowing. And, and so being seen and being visible is a matter of putting yourself out there. But, but rather than waiting for the, the, the journalist to discover you, what we wanna create is getting discovered by your ideal client. So being everywhere and being seen in places that they weren’t, they weren’t necessarily Googling you, they weren’t looking for you. And I find it all, all the time clients come up when I meet them, they’re like, I never even thought about press releases. I never even thought about doing pr. I know I need marketing. I know I need visibility, but I never thought about that until I read about you.

Angel (22:35):
I saw you someplace else. I joined your group. Like I’ve seen, I’ve heard, and now these little seeds, right? We’ve planted these seeds along the way, and now they keep getting watered. And then they come up and by the time they show up on my calendar, they’re like, angel, I need pr. I need pr and I need it. I’m doing all these amazing things. I’m not getting recognized. I’m not getting the, the momentum and the visibility that I know c what I I’m doing all these amazing things and nobody knows about it. But by that point, they’ve, they’ve heard of me, they’ve probably watched something, they’ve listened to me on a podcast, and now they’re ready to take that next step. And I don’t have to, you shorten the sales cycle because you don’t have to have all these follow up calls and touchpoints. Like they’re, they’re, they’re a yes or a no, which makes, you know, your day is so much easier for, for scheduling and, um, events you’re going to and who you’re talking to, and all of that so much more fun and easier because you’re actually talking to qualified buyers at that point.

Rich (23:42):
That sounds amazing, <laugh>. And, uh, if, if, uh, people wanna learn more about you or get in in contact with you, how they go about doing so,

Angel (23:51):
Well, I mentioned we put together this media starter kit. It’s a, it, it’s a step-by-step guide to open up the doors for media opportunities, including guaranteed media that will kind of kickstart this whole two plus one formula for you. Also, is gonna give you access to our, our Facebook group, our Media Matchmaker Facebook group. We just crossed over 15,000 members in that group. If you are looking for more opportunities for speaking, if you’re looking for guests for your show, this is the number one place. It’s the best online group for finding that, and you can get access to all of that at my website. Make your big, click on the free media starter guide.

Rich (24:34):
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for taking the time. Really appreciate, um, you being here on the program, talking about media, talking about, uh, how people can get that, that exposure by using media, um, to bring their message out into the world. So thanks again for, for taking the time.

Angel (24:52):
Oh, thank you Richard. This was a lot of fun. I love talking about this.

Outro (24:59):
Thanks for listening to Innovations and Breakthroughs with your host Rich Goldstein. Be sure to click subscribe. Check us out on the web at and we’ll see you next time.


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