The Role of Brand Registry in Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

Rich Goldstein

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I know that as an Amazon seller, one of your most pressing needs is to find an effective way to protect your brand. If you’re only just starting, you’ll find that idea theft is one of the main risks you run as a seller. 

Through my years of selling on Amazon, I’ve explored several avenues to protect my brand. One of these strategies has involved using the Amazon brand registry. 

My aim in this article is to detail the role of brand registry in protecting your brand on Amazon. I’ll also explain what it means and how to implement it to protect your brand. 

The Role of Brand Registry in Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

The Amazon Brand Registry plays a major role in protecting brands and sellers on Amazon from dangers lurking in the marketplace. These dangers include:

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  • IP infringement
  • Unauthorized use 
  • Counterfeiting of product

The Brand Registry simplifies the process of reporting intellectual property violations on Amazon. This aligns with U.S. copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), providing a streamlined approach for protecting copyrighted materials, reporting copyright infringement, and facilitating the removal of unauthorized content from the platform.

If you’re still considering enrolling your brand in this program, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. 

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Introduced in 2017, Amazon Brand Registry is a free program developed by Amazon to assist brand owners in safeguarding intellectual property and combat unauthorized use and counterfeiting effectively. Once enrolled in Amazon Registry, you can access advanced tools designed to upgrade your business and protect and enforce your brand rights on Amazon.

The extra level of protection Amazon Registry offers sellers enables you to proactively identify potential infringements, report and remove counterfeit listings, and control your product listings’ content and display. This helps build customer trust and promotes a reliable shopping experience for customers on the platform.

By registering your brand, you become eligible for other brand programs specifically designed for brand protection, including: 

As a registered brand, you also get access to the following tools and features designed to grow your audience, increase sales, and build brand loyalty:

  • Amazon Vine
  • Amazon Live 
  • Amazon Posts
  • Report a Violation
  • Brand Catalog Manager
  • A+ Content 
  • Product Video
  • Amazon Stores
  • Manage Your Customer Engagement
  • Manage Your Experiments
  • Virtual Bundles 
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Subscribe & Save
  • Brand Analytics 
  • Brand Referral Bonus
  • Search Term Optimizer
  • Neutral Patent Evaluation 
  • Amazon Attribution 
  • Brand Metrics 

How Does Brand Registry Protect Your Brand on Amazon?

U.S. sellers looking to expand globally can benefit from the Amazon Brand Registry’s cross-border protection features. This aligns with the international aspects of intellectual property value protection, considering the global nature of e-commerce and the need for cohesive brand safeguards across borders.

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As a brand owner on Amazon, protecting your brand is your priority.  While this can be achieved in several ways, here are the brand protection features that Amazon Registry offers: 

Prevents Counterfeit Listings

Thanks to its advanced protection tools, brand Registry can help brand owners stop counterfeit listings before they even get published. Using the data you provide about your brand, product, and intellectual property, Amazon uses predictive protection tools that actively monitor the platform for potential infringements, counterfeits, or unauthorized use of your brand data.

Lowers the Risks of Listing Hijacking

With increased security measures and proactive brand protection tools, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized sellers taking control of your product listings. This ensures that customers of your brand receive only authentic products from authorized sources.

Quickens the Infringement Resolution Process 

Owners of registered brands can very easily report intellectual property violations through the Report a Violation feature. Additionally, Amazon quickly resolves any issues reported through this feature, ensuring that brand owners can nip infringement in the bud before it affects your sales and brand reputation.

Provides a Faster Means of Patent Evaluation

Brand Registry offers a quicker and less expensive alternative to resolving patent disputes that don’t involve going to court. In this process, neutral third-party evaluators ascertain whether a utility patent has been infringed. The outcomes of this evaluation are binding within the Amazon U.S. store, providing a fair system for addressing patent-related concerns.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Brand With Amazon 

Aside from brand protection, registering your brand also offers various features to enhance your brand visibility, improve your conversion rates, and build customer loyalty. For instance, it offers access to advanced store analytics, which provide information that can help boost your sales and provide a better customer experience. 

Here are some other benefits of the Amazon Registry: 

Greater Control over Product Listings

The registry program allows you to dictate how your brand is presented on the platform. By utilizing features like A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content to create engaging product listings, you can ensure that your brand image is accurately and positively represented, contributing to a stronger brand presence.

Better Brand Visibility

Through optimized product listings and access to Amazon advertising tools like ‘Sponsored Brands’, registered brands are more likely to rank higher in search results. This increases your discoverability among potential customers and drives organic traffic to your products.

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Improved Customer Support

Enrolled brands enjoy access to dedicated customer support from the Brand Registry Support team. This ensures that you have personalized assistance in addressing issues related to your listings, violations, technical, or any other concerns. 

Better Understanding of Customer Behavior

Amazon Registry provides access to enhanced analytics tools that empower you to understand your customers better. You can optimize your product offerings, marketing strategies, and overall customer engagement by gaining insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns.

How to Register Your Brand With Amazon Brand Registry

If you finally decide to enroll your brand with Amazon, you’re one step closer to giving it the protection it deserves. All you have to do now is follow these simple steps: 

Confirm Your Eligibility

Before starting the Amazon Registry process, you must confirm your eligibility for the program. The main eligibility requirement is that your brand must possess a registered and currently active trademark or a pending one. You cannot register your brand on the registry program without a trademark. 

In the United States, trademarks must be registered with the United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Create an Amazon Seller Account

The next step is to create an Amazon Seller Account if you don’t already have one, as the program is only available to sellers with accounts. This account is the foundation for managing your brand and showcasing your products on the platform.

Register for the Amazon Brand Registry

Once your Seller Account is in place, sign in to Amazon Seller Central and navigate to the Brand Registry section. In this section, click “Register a Brand” or “Enroll a Brand” to begin brand registration.

Provide Information About Your Brand

You must fill out essential information about your brand during the registration process. This includes details such as brand name, logo, and product category. You must also provide proof of trademark ownership through a trademark registration certificate or any other valid document. To get a trademark, you would need the assistance of a patent attorney

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If you want your brand to be enrolled successfully, ensure that all the information you provide while registering is accurate and well-detailed.

Await Verification

The verification phase is perhaps the most critical phase of the registration process. Amazon must confirm that you legitimately own the trademark you provided for your brand. During this stage, they may contact you to provide additional documentation or answer some questions about your brand.

This verification step acts as a protective measure to ensure that only genuine brand owners gain access to the benefits and features of the registry.

Protect Your Brand

Once the verification process is successfully concluded, your brand is officially registered on Amazon. This unlocks a suite of tools that you can use to strengthen and safeguard your brand’s presence on the platform.

Related Questions 

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll With Amazon Brand Registry?

It does not cost any fee to enroll your brand in the Amazon Registry. This program is free for all Amazon brand owners who meet the requirements. However, while the registration process does not involve direct costs, brand owners may need to pay fees to access some of the exclusive tools and services of the program. 

Can I Enroll Multiple Brands Under a Single Amazon Seller Account on Amazon?

Yes, the Amazon Registry program allows brand owners to enroll multiple brands under a single Amazon Seller Account. However, each enrolled brand must meet the program’s eligibility criteria, including having a registered or pending trademark. To enroll in another brand, click “Enroll a new brand” on your account homepage. 

What Are the Requirements for Enrolling My Brand With Amazon? 

The primary requirement to enroll your brand with Amazon is having a registered or pending trademark for your brand. Also, you must have an Amazon Seller Account. Once you register, Amazon will conduct a verification process to confirm that you truly own the trademark. Once verified, you can access the program’s exclusive tools and services.


In conclusion, one can see that Amazon Brand Registry plays a huge role in protecting brands in the marketplace. By offering brand owners a comprehensive set of tools and services, the program helps you actively manage and protect your intellectual property. It also offers protection and streamlines the process of reporting any infringement.

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