Why You Need A Patent Attorney

Rich Goldstein

Founder & Principal Patent Attorney

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I use a patent attorney to help me protect my idea?” Everybody knows a patent protects you so others can’t make, use, or sell your invention. By now, you might have visited the United States Patent Office website to learn more about the patent process.

Most people come to realize getting a patent is the type of process you don’t want to navigate on your own. You see, there are complex rules about how to present a patent application to the Patent Office. You need to invest hours of study to learn how to meet all the requirements, and satisfy the rules if you want to get your patent.

The bad news is…

… the patent you create might not be worth very much in the end.


Because the way you write a patent is critical to how effective it is at protecting your invention. Writing an effective patent application takes years of experience. Often disputes over whether something is infringing on a patent comes down to a few words… or punctuation.

A patent application can be more than 40 pages. The protection your patent offers may come down to a few very important words. If you get these words wrong, or don’t know what words to use, your patent could be weak. To make matters worse… You might say something you shouldn’t say. Saying the wrong thing can turn a great patent into a worthless piece of paper.

Writing a patent on your own that protects you well is more of a wish than a reality. Think about it… Anyone who has a valuable, worthwhile project gets their patent done by a patent attorney. And… They invest in the right patent attorney to ensure their patent is strong and effective.

Oftentimes it’s a matter of steering the ship in the right direction from the beginning. Imagine you board a ship.

When you leave port, if the ship is a little bit off course, it may not seem to make much difference. However, if you continue off course by a few degrees, you will not hit land where you expect to arrive. You could be hundreds of miles away from where you want to be.

Here’s how a patent attorney can help you protect your idea. First, by understanding what you’re trying to accomplish with your patent. Then, by getting to know what your idea is in detail. Finally, by using their experience and skills to write a patent application that effectively protects your invention.

Your patent attorney is like the captain of the ship, and will make sure you are headed in the right direction.

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