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Rich Goldstein, patent attorney, here with a question.

What’s more valuable…

The intellectual property of a company that sells a popular computer operating system and software?

Or fifty tons of solid gold?

At $2000 an ounce, fifty-tons of gold is worth $3.2 billion.

But what about the intellectual property?

How much could a dozen reams of paper that hold patents, trademarks and copyrights possibly be worth compared to fifty-tons of solid gold?

The Answer May Surprise You

If those patents, trademarks and copyrights are the intellectual property that secures ownership of Microsoft products…

Then according to Forbes Magazine, as of December 2015, the company, and the intellectual property (without which Microsoft would not exist), was valued at $349.89 billion… 109.34 times more valuable than fifty tons of solid gold.

In 1981 Microsoft paid fifty-thousand dollars for the rights to the software that soon became the most popular operating system for computers world-wide.
When Microsoft sold IBM the right to use their DOS software in IBM PCs, Microsoft retained the right to sell their version, MS DOS, to other computer manufactures.

Being savvy with intellectual property and retaining the right to sell to other manufactures helped make Microsoft one of the most valuable companies on earth.

  • Had they not protected their intellectual property so well an army of lawyers couldn’t break their patents…
  • Had they not managed their intellectual property rights to their great advantage and retained the right to sell to other manufacturers…
  • Had they not relied on expert guidance and just tried to get the legal stuff done fast-and-cheap, Microsoft would have never grown the way it did.

And few would know the name Bill Gates.

The strength of your patent and how you manage your intellectual property rights makes all the difference in the world. For Microsoft, it’s worth billions.

How Valuable Are Your Ideas?

Your ideas may not morph into a multi-billion dollar company.

But one thing is certain.

If you have an idea for a product, a process, an app, a piece of software, a machine, a device, a chemical formula… or ANYTHING that solves a problem, improves efficiency, or makes life better in some measurable way…

It’s worth taking a serious look and seeing what it takes to protect your idea.

When Should You Protect Your Ideas?

In US Patent Law, first in time is first in line.

In other words, if you have a great idea and someone hears about it and files a patent before you do, you’re out. The patent is theirs not yours.

Even if the idea is 100% yours and they stole it, whoever files the patent first gets it. First in time, is first in line.

This is why it’s so important to schedule a free call with Jennifer at my office.
If you watched the videos on the patent process, and believe your idea or product has merit and can be patented, your next step couldn’t be easier. And it’s free.

Just click here and schedule a convenient time to spend a few minutes to get your questions answered and find out your best next-step.

Jennifer Will Answer Your Questions and the Call Is Free…

She’ll ask you a few questions to find out where you are with your idea.

She’ll advise you on the BEST NEXT STEP, which could range from you doing a Prior Art Search on the Internet, which costs you nothing … to scheduling a paid-consulting call with me … to launching into a full-blown patent application process.

There is no cost or obligation for this call.

We’re happy to answer your questions. And happy to help any way we can.

If it turns out you’d like us to help you secure a patent, great.

But either way, you’ll have answers you need. You’ll know what to do next and why. And the call with Jennifer won’t cost you a cent. Fair enough?

Why Offer a Free Phone Call & Give Away Valuable Knowledge?

Two reasons.

First, answering questions is easy for us, and could be a great benefit for you. And after all, I am a patent attorney.

So if it turns out we can help, what better way to start a relationship than by offering you excellent guidance with no strings attached.

That’s what the call with Jennifer is all about, excellent guidance with no strings.

The second reason for offering you this valuable service is simple.

You work hard.

You’re one of the good guys.

So if there is an advantage to be gained by protecting your idea… I want to help make sure that advantage goes to you.

You deserve to benefit from your ideas.

You deserve to profit from your work.

If your idea turns out to be extraordinarily valuable, you deserve to have a patent strong enough to protect your rights and hold up to any legal challenge.

And that’s what the call with Jennifer is all about.

To determine where you are. And determine your NEXT BEST STEP to protect your intellectual property, so no one can steal your ideas, hi-jack your dreams, and benefit unjustly from your ideas and hard work. And leave you high and dry.

If you agree…

Why not schedule a call with Jennifer now? Click on this link and schedule your call.

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Is it Time to Protect Your Ideas?

Book your FREE Idea Protection Strategy Call

Join over 10,000 others who have asked us to help protect their ideas.